The 6 Best Bamboo Sheets in Australia

The 6 Best Bamboo Sheets in Australia

The 6 Best Bamboo Sheets in Australia

Bamboo sheets are quickly becoming people’s favourite material to sleep on. An industry once dominated by cotton and silk is shifting. Bamboo is a soft and sturdy material that makes excellent sheets, and you shouldn’t wait to hop on this trend because it’s here to stay. 

To help you buy the best bamboo sheets, this list is a round-up of the top-six options on the Australian market. Learn about the pros, cons, and more about these six bamboo sheet sets that will give you the best sleep of your life.

  1. Best Overall: Ettitude
  2. Best Organic: Linenly
  3. Best for All Bedding: Bamboo Sheets Australia
  4. Best for Sensitive Skin: The Bamboo Shop
  5. Best Budget Option: Myer
  6. Best for Kids: Mulberry Threads
  1. Best Overall – Ettitude 

Price: $169-$259


  • Fourteen colour options
  • Six size options
  • 100% bamboo lyocell
  • Breathable weave
  • Sustainable design
  • Hypoallergenic 
  • Cooling effect


  • Expensive 


The signature sateen sheet set from Ettitude is a fantastic set of bamboo sheets that are comfy and soft. The sateen weave is silky to the touch, offering a blissful sleep where you want to overheat. The sheets are made from 100% bamboo lyocell, a sustainable and comfortable material. 

The weave is breathable, and the deep pockets make these sheets ideal for any mattress. These sheets are excellent for all climates, from hot and sticky to frosty. People who struggle with night sweats or tend to kick their comforter off all night long love how cool these sheets stay, even in the most humid rooms. 

While the sheets are silky soft, they are not slippery like real silk. So the matte texture won’t let you slide around throughout the night, which can be equally as frustrating as a sweaty sleep. 

After many washes, the sheets remain smooth and soft, rather than pilling or becoming scratchy from the washing machine and dryer. The sheets offer a long-lasting luxurious feeling to your home and bedroom so that every sleep is refreshing and dreamy. 

  1. Best Organic: Linenly

Price: $135-$300


  • Nine style options
  • Six size options
  • Hypoallergenic and breathable
  • 100% pure organic bamboo
  • 400 thread count weave
  • OEKO-Tex Certified
  • Side labels


  • Extra maintenance
  • Not as long-lasting


If you want completely organic, pure bamboo sheets, Linenly has one of the best options on the Australian market. These sheets feel luxurious on your skin, making you feel clean and cradled every time you get in bed. 

You and your guests will fall head over heels for these sheets after using them just once. And cotton sheets will never be acceptable again. Plus, the deep pockets and corners make them easy to put on your bed, so no more wrestling to get your sheets on. 

Some people may not think about it, but everyone’s started putting on sheets only to realize the long side is on the short side, and you have to start over. But Linenly thought of this and put labels on the inside of their sheets. So you never have to make this inconvenient mistake again.

However, because the sheets are 100% organic, they can be slightly more effortful to care for. But users report they still don’t pill in the wash or become scratchy, they don’t do well in hot water or high heat, so wash and dry with care.

Also, because of the organic material, these sheets can’t last forever. But with the appropriate care, you should get years of soft sleeps on these sheets. 

  1. Best for All Bedding: Bamboo Sheets Australia

Price: $170-$240


  • Many size options
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Thermo-regulated design
  • OEKO-Tex Certified
  • Odour-resistant
  • Easy to wash


  • Sometimes miscoloured 


Bamboo Sheets Australia has one mission: to get everyone to buy bamboo sheets so they can experience a smooth and gentle sleep every night. They have a massive range of sheet types, from quilted bamboo to cot sheets to bassinet bedding; they have it all.

Finding standard bed sheets in bamboo is relatively easy, but finding specific types of sheets in that soft bamboo material you love can be more challenging. But Bamboo Sheets Australia makes it easy, as all they want to do is make bamboo sheets for everyone. 

The sheets are silky soft with deep pockets, so you can easily put them on your bed. A unique feature their sheets offer is an odour-resistant property. 

This feature means you can wash your sheets less, but they won’t get dirty or smell bad after repeated uses. Not only is this an amazing property for your sheets, but it will make guests in your home feel clean and comfortable every night they go to sleep. 

These are machine washable and durable, so you can use hot water and high heat without worrying about pilling or becoming scratchy. 

Bamboo Sheets Australia focuses on sustainability and environmental manufacturing practices. Bamboo sheets are already a sustainable product, but they also use plastic-free packaging, so you can feel good about your purchase.

The only downside to ordering these sheets is that sometimes the colour you choose isn’t the exact colour you receive. Some users report the colours being slightly mismatched like they order a dark tan but get a light beige. But most users have no complaints about the colour or quality they receive. 

  1. Best for Sensitive Skin: The Bamboo Shop

Price: $120-$220


  • Hypoallergenic
  • Ideal for sensitive skin
  • Machine washable
  • Breathable weave
  • Thermo-regulating material


  • Only muted colours


Most, if not all, of the bamboo sheets on this list are hypoallergenic, but none seem to cater to sensitive skin as well as The Bamboo Shop’s sheets. Their sheets are all-natural and superbly hypoallergenic. Anyone who has struggled with scratchy sheets and irritated skins, even when you buy the highest thread counts available, should buy these phenomenal sheets. 

These are also the best sheets for people who sweat at night, even when it’s cold. The natural bamboo fibres make the sheets breathable while offering a soft and luxurious surface to sleep on. 

The Bamboo Shop sells sheets in different colours and sizes to suit your needs and preferences, and they are experts when it comes to bamboo. Cotton sheets can often feel scratchy after a few washes or uses, but these bamboo sheets will last you years, giving you many quality nights of sleep. 

The only thing customers find disappointing is the colour options. They offer lovely colours from soft pink to light green, but all of the colours are muted earthy tones. While these are beautiful colours for some, people wished The Bamboo Shop offered a wider variety, including patterns and brighter or darker colours. 

  1. Best Budget Option: Myer

Price: $30-$320


  • Affordable
  • Plenty of colour options
  • Soft and silky
  • Cooling material
  • Breathable weave
  • 400 thread count


  • Not 100% bamboo
  • Cotton mixture


Myer manufactures 400 thread count sheets in a variety of colours and sizes. They offer the same smooth, silky texture that all the other bamboo sheets on this list do, except they tend to be more affordable. 

Bamboo sheets sound wonderful and enticing, but some are still hesitant to drop a hundred dollars or more on a set of sheets they haven’t tried yet. While some of the sheet sets on Myer can cost over $300, they have stellar deals and sales, where you can get a set for $30 and sometimes less than that. 

If you’re dipping your toe into the cozy world of bamboo sheets, you can opt for the best budget bamboo sheets out there from Myer. Get a wonderful night’s sleep and experience the magic of sleeping on bamboo material without breaking the bank. 

People who have these sheets rave about them, and they’re often the first pair of bamboo sheets someone owns. But seldom the last pair. Once you try these, you’ll never return to other materials and will likely upgrade to even better bamboo sheets. 

The downside of Myer’s bamboo sheets, and the reason they’re more affordable, is that they are not 100% bamboo. The sheets are a mixture of natural bamboo and natural cotton. While many feel cotton sheets are not as satisfying to sleep on as bamboo, it is a more affordable material.  

  1. Best for Kids: Mulberry Threads

Price: $85-$180


  • Fun patterns and colours
  • 100% organic bamboo
  • Charity donation with every purchase
  • Moisture-wicking material
  • Panda-friendly bamboo
  • Antibacterial material
  • Biodegradable 


  • Limited supplies
  • Slight pilling


Mulberry Threads has a beautiful collection of bamboo sheets. People love their bamboo sheets because of the fun colours and prints offered. While many bamboo sheets focus on quality and feel over style, Mulberry Threads prioritizes both so your bed can look as good as it feels. 

The 100% bamboo design makes them breathable, and they’re also moisture-wicking, so your sheets won’t get wet if you have night sweats, and you won’t have to worry about them trapping unpleasant odours. 

Mulberry Threads prides itself on avoiding chemicals when preparing its sheets, excellent for people with sensitive skin. However, the all-natural design sometimes results in light pilling after a few uses or washes. The pilling is not a dealbreaker for most users, but it may be for some. 

While Mulberry Threads makes sheets for all-size beds and all people, they have a stellar collection of bamboo sheets for kids. If you want playful and comfy bamboo sheets for your kids or a child in your life, there is no better place to get them than Mulberry threads. 

Bamboo Sheet Buying Guide 

When compiling this list of the best bamboo sheets, dozens of bamboo sheets were researched and tested, narrowing it down to these six fantastic options. But there’s still a lot to consider when making your final choice. Before you settle on your new bamboo sheet selection, consider the factors below. 


For people with sensitive skin, you should opt for 100% organic bamboo sheets. But there are many variants of bamboo sheets to choose from, such as a cotton and bamboo mixture or silk and bamboo mixture. 


Most bamboo sheet manufacturers on this list make sheets in all sizes for all beds. But no matter how much you love a set of sheets you see online, they can only work if they come in the proper size for your bed, so make sure to pay attention to available sizes while shopping. 

Style Options

Some people just want soft and cozy sheets. But if your bedroom aesthetic is important to you, choose a bamboo sheet manufacturer that has many colour and style options. Style is often important when choosing kid sheets, so let your child choose a fun print or colour that will make them love their bamboo sheets.


Luxury sheets are often expensive, sometimes they can be hundreds of dollars. Luckily, bamboo sheets come in a range of prices, so you have some flexibility when deciding how much you want to pay. 

The Best Bamboo Sheets in Australia

Don’t scour the internet and stores for decent bamboo sheets that may be disappointing. These six manufacturers are the best of the best when it comes to bamboo. 

People who switch to bamboo sheets report sleeping better and feeling more refreshed every morning. 

So don’t hesitate to upgrade your bedding with a silky and light set of bamboo sheets.


Below are commonly asked questions concerning bamboo sheets. 

Are bamboo sheets better?

Bamboo sheets are far better than cotton and silk in many ways. Bamboo is healthier for the skin and can improve your temperature while you sleep, thanks to its natural cooling properties. Bamboo sheets are priced similarly to cotton and silk but are comfortable and soft to sleep on. 

Are bamboo sheets sustainable?

Bamboo sheets and other bamboo products are extremely sustainable. They’re technically fast-growing grass that requires little water and maintenance, unlike cotton, which takes a lot of resources to grow and care for. Plus, most bamboo sheets are biodegradable and recyclable, so they won’t damage the environment when disposed of. 

How do you wash bamboo sheets?

Some bamboo sheets can go right in the wash with your other laundry, while some require more care. Each manufacturer will detail how to clean the sheets, and you should pay attention while shopping. 

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