The 5 Best Wedge Pillows for Acid Reflux

The 5 Best Wedge Pillows for Acid Reflux

The 5 Best Wedge Pillows for Acid Reflux

If you are one of the people diagnosed with acid reflux and you are looking for a solution that will help you get a night of better sleep, look no further than this article. 

Today we are taking a detailed look at the five leading wedge pillows for acid reflux. This article will list all the pros and cons of each of our choices and will give you the essential details there are to know to make a decision that you will not regret. 

But first, let’s look at some necessary information on what types of pillows you should purchase to assist you with the condition of acid reflux. 

Why Wedge Pillow and How it Can Help You? 

If you suffer from acid reflux, you certainly have faced the trouble of going to sleep. We have researched the market and find out that the best options out there for this condition are the wedge pillows. 

What are wedge pillows? They have a triangular form and are usually made of foam that creates angles from 20-40 degrees. It makes an excellent choice for the condition of acid reflux because it elevates the head from 6-10 inches and thus alleviates the condition. 

To help you out with your choice, we have made a list and narrowed the selection down to five best wedge pillows for acid reflux based on their features and customers’ reviews.   

Our Choice Number#1: InteVision Foam Wedge Bed Pillow

This two-layer pillow that features a firm base foam on the top will provide you with comfort while sleeping. It can also reduce snoring, allergies, and conditions such as GERD and heartburns. It is an excellent option for all the side sleepers out there. It is an extra-large pillow that enables you to position both of your arms comfortably, and the extra-length can provide flexibility for adjusting different positions for your body according to your needs. It has a steady elevation, and in this way, it helps the people who suffer from GERD to keep the airway open. It remains an inclination of 30-degree which is recommended but yet might be higher for some people who sleep on low-angles of the wedge pillows.  

InteVision is a leading brand that designs wedge pillows. Medical professionals recommend it for people who have sleeping and gastrointestinal problems. It offers excellent value for the money as it boosts with outstanding quality. Regarding the firmness, it is between a medium soft and firm wedge pillow. It is with memory foam at the top. This foam helps in contouring to the shape of the body. And, you can use it for the legs and the lap.  

According to the size, it is best suitable for twin beds, and it comes with a 30-day return warranty. 

What customers love about this product is that it is what the company promised the product would be. The product description corresponds to the inclination, height, size, and all other specifications. The one thing that they do not like is that sometimes it is higher for the people who like sleeping on a lower height. 


High-Quality Materials

A balance between soft and firm

Great size to support the body 

Removable and washable cover


Too big for some people and not easily stored

Higher for some people who like sleeping at low-angles

Our Choice Number# 2: FitPlus Premium Wedge Pillow

Another wedge pillow that is great for the side sleepers comes from the company FitPlus. Besides, this wedge pillow will not break your bank as it is one of the most affordable out there, and it makes an excellent choice for acid reflux, allergies, and sleep apnea. On the top, there is a memory foam of 1.5 inches which helps in temperature regulation. Under this layer, there is a solid foam, and the pillow has an elevation of 7.5 inches. It provides comfort for all the people who suffer back and neck issues. The pad is protected with a cover made of soft and breathable material, and besides, it can be removed and machine washed. 

Not only it offers excellent value for the money, but it is one of the top-selling pillows as a result of doctors’ recommendations for people who have problems with neck, back, sleep apnea, and of course GERD. What is also great for this pillow is its size that suits taller and bigger people. The firm shape endures more significant weight and does not collapse. According to the size, it is suitable for smaller beds too. 

Customers love the quality and affordable price. However, they do not like that at times, and it takes a while before the pillow comes back to the original shape. 


Affordable option

Elevation of 7.5 inches that enables comfort

Removable and soft material cover

Great for people who suffer back and neck problems too


Some claim it is too firm

Not the best choice for side sleepers

Our Choice Number# 3 Medslant Acid Reflux Wedge Pillow

If you suffer from acid reflux as well as you continuously face sleep problems look no further as the wedge pillow from Medslant is an excellent choice for such cases. With a length of 32 inches, it offers extraordinary support for the body. This wedge pillow originates from the USA and consists of high-quality materials that do not hold any harmful or volatile substances. It comes with a microfiber washable cover that prevents you from slipping down and helps you with the allergies. It is an affordable option and has great value for money.  

The pillow is highly-rated due to the comfort it provides. It consists of Isofresh memory foam that assists in relieving the pressure from your body. It is suitable for queen-sized beds, and it is a perfect choice for bigger people. 

Customers love the size of the pillow. According to the dimensions, it is one of the biggest on the market. This size is suitable for different people and can fit almost any size. On the negative side, people complain that sometimes it is easy to slide or slip due to the smooth cover. 


Highest-quality materials

No harmful substances 

Compliance with Premium US Standards

Broad size suitable for bigger people



Our Choice Number# 4 Drive Medical Folding Bed Wedge

If you are one of the people who suffer from respiratory problems or experience discomfort in sleeping due to acid reflux or related condition or pain in the neck and back, the Drive Medical Folding wedge pillow will surely be an excellent solution for a good night’s sleep. It provides support for the body and raises the head and the neck and shoulders while for example, watching TV in bed or reading a book. The pillow is also known to help a lot with snoring and sleep apnea. The size of the pad allows support for the entire back, so if you like sleeping on the back, it will be the right choice for you. Compared to other wedge pillows it is a firmer option, so there is a chance that some of the people may have trouble with these, for example, some pregnant women may feel discomfort due to firmness.

The design of the Drive Medical allows folding, which is excellent for storage. If you want to keep it away, you can transform the pillow into a rectangular cuboid. Additionally, you can purchase it for an affordable price. It comes with a removable and washable cover and with three inclination heights. Customers enjoy the folding mechanism and that it can easily be stored, but some of them complain about the hardness of the form. 


Foldable for easy storage 

Alleviates discomfort 


Great for back support if you like reading a book or watching TV in bed


Too firm

Steep incline

Our Choice Number# 5 Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic Wedge Pillow

Brentwood Home Zuma Therapeutic wedge pillow is a memory foam pillow created to posture the torso correctly or provide elevation to the legs that improve blood circulation. It is also great for back support while they are maybe reading in bed. There are 2 inches of memory foam at the very top under which there is another layer of polyfoam-certified by CertiPUR-US that adds to the feeling of comfort that prevents sliding or sinking. It comes with a 2-year warranty. It also comes in three different inclination heights. It has a washable and removable cover, and all the produced materials are from the USA. 

It is a pillow that people recommend for respiratory conditions. Many people desire the cushion because of the bamboo fibre material of the cover, which regulates the temperature of the body, so it is a perfect choice for people who sleep hot. A few customers complain about height. 


Three inclination heights 

No odours

Great for legs and neck 

Does not sink

2-year warranty


Some claim that it is too firm for sleeping

Not the best option for sleeping 

What makes a great pillow? 

What should you consider when purchasing a wedge pillow? Let’s have a look at some of the things that make a difference.  

Make sure the size of the pillow is not less than 23 inches as this will allow a gradual increase and great support for the torso.

The materials should be high-quality and in compliance with the premium standards that shall ensure long life and ease at maintenance.

No harmful substances shall be part of the materials. 

Experts recommend that the inclination is to be at least thirty (30) degrees to affect the prevention of acid reflux.

The removable and washable cover is a great asset. 

For people who suffer from neck and back problems, we advise you to look for a pillow with memory foam on the top as it provides an exceptional level of softness. 

How does a wedge pillow help the sleeping? 

People who have the condition of acid reflux have difficulties in getting to sleep at night. Although there are treatments such as medicaments or in the worst cases of surgery, these can be rather expensive. 

One efficient and affordable way to ease the condition and alleviate the symptoms is the wedge pillow. The design of the pad helps the treatment of the state of acid reflux. The inclination keeps the upper body in a more vertical position, and this does not allow the food to go into the esophagus. 

Wedge pillows help this condition regardless of which sleeping position you have -it provides comfort for back as well as side sleepers. These pillows are an affordable ergonomic option that will surely help you get a good night’s sleep. 

The Inclination of the Wedge Pillows 

Due to the inclination of the wedge pillows, one can expect sliding and slipping of the head and back while sleeping. It is, even more, the case, as the covers of the pillows are usually smooth. The smoothness also adds to the slipping down. Side sleepers can primarily find it difficult to keep themselves in place due to the inclination. A good solution is to place a firm pillow in a position under the knees or between the thighs.  This blocks the torso from moving. 

If this solution seems uncomfortable, you may cover the pillow top with a rugged towel. If you are thinking of changing your bed too, consider the option for a mattress that you can recline. This type of bed will surely help with adjusting the pillow. Satin or silk pyjamas or nightgowns are not something that we recommend as it helps the sliding down. 

The height of the Wedge Pillows

The typical height is within a range of 6 to 10 inches. The height follows the recommendation by medical professionals regarding the help in treating conditions such as GERD, and acid reflux.  

People who like a steeper position can choose a wedge pillow between ten (10) to twelve(12) inches. This height is also great for the prevention of sore muscles. 

The tallest option is 15-inch pillows, and this is best for those who like working on a laptop maybe while in bed, reading or watching TV in bed. So this height is recommendable for support and sitting in bed and not for sleeping. 

What else can help besides Wedge Pillows?

The mattress that you should choose is one from memory foam, and you can also use a heated pad for a mattress in case you want to add additional heat. This combination gives excellent results in the treatment. Before you go to bed, you can also try a neck massager; this assists in blood circulation. Thus the body will react faster and will be more adapted to any type of issue that might arise while sleeping.

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