Swiss Ortho Sleep Bamboo Gel Mattress Review

Swiss Ortho Sleep Bamboo Gel Mattress Review

Swiss Ortho Sleep Bamboo Gel Mattress Review


The Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress is among the trending sleep products in mattress space today. As it’s the case with any other brand, this manufacturer claims that this mattress is the most supportive and comfortable.

Our Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress review offers a deep assessment of this mattress with regard to your sleep needs and value for your money.

Things to consider before buying a memory foam mattress

Most sleep experts agree that memory foam is just the thing in modern day sleep needs.

For those who are alien to it, this material is made from polyurethane and a mix of other chemicals.

But what makes it unique from other materials is its visco-elastic attribute. This isn’t rocket science.

What it means is that it reacts to your body temperature and pressure to quickly conform to your body curvature.

In addition, it springs back gradually to mold to your new sleeping posture as you turn and toss.

Thus, it is able to support your body comfortably and consistently in whichever sleeping position.

This explains why most people report excellent relief from chronic back pains and arthritis when using memory foam mattresses.

I wouldn’t recommend memory foam mattresses to;

  • People who sleep very hot at night
  • Seniors who find it hard to move on the bed

When buying a memory foam mattress;

  • Know the type of foam used- there are basically 3 types of memory foams today; traditional, open-cell, and gel memory foam. Traditional memory foam is the cheapest of them all.

It offers you a natural cradling support for even weight distribution, optimum blood circulation, and pressure point relief.

Its major drawback is its heat retention. So, you want to avoid it if you sleep hot.

Open-cell memory foam offers a bit better thermal regulation than traditional foam. It’s also more responsive and won’t trap you as the former foam does.

Gel memory foam is the new kid on the block. It is the best in regard to heat dissipation and pressure point relief. But it also comes at a slightly higher price tag.

  • Get the right combination of thickness and density- this depends on your weight and sleeping posture.
  • Consider whether the materials used are certified for your safety
  • Consider the country of origin- the USA, Canada, and Europe are among the best places with strict memory foam production standards.

Beddings from these countries tend to get quite pricey. But their standards are way incomparable to low-end mattresses from other countries such as… you guessed right, China.

  • Don’t always fall for marketing hype- get first-hand information from experienced reviewers and previous buyers’ feedback.
  • Understand the trial period and warranties applicable to your purchase

Swiss Ortho Sleep Mattress- What it is and its promise to you

The Swiss Ortho is an affordable memory foam mattress from the Better Mattress Company.

This mattress is only sold online to keep its price down and comes in a mattress-in-a-box design.

It is available in 3 thickness levels- 10, 12, and 13 inches- and 4 sizes- twin, full, queen, and king.

This memory foam mattress promises to be a good fit for everyone regardless of their body shapes and weights.

It features 3 construction layers that aim at curbing pressure points and aches and pains.

On the same note, its gel layer promises to alleviate heat retention.

The manufacturer says that this will prevent lots of turning and tossing that may lead to disrupted sleep.

This mattress’ cover also boasts bamboo infusion to keep your core temperature in check when the hormones kick in.

This mattress is a younger sibling to the Swiss Ortho ‘hybrid’ reversible mattress that combines memory foam and latex.

The manufacturers seem to direct most of their efforts on curbing heat retention that is commonplace with memory foam.

This mattress is a cheaper alternative to the Classic Brands that currently rules the roost in gel-infused memory foam mattresses. See its full review here.

After a thorough scrutiny of this mattress, I bet it is yours if you;

  • Are heavy and need a firm yet comfortable mattress
  • Want a bed that conforms to your body
  • Are looking for a relief from innerspring mattresses
  • Toss and turn a lot at night
  • Share your bed with your partner or pet

On the other hand, you might want to continue your search if you;

  • Want an overly firm mattress
  • Generally dislike memory foam

Swiss Ortho Sleep Features and Benefits


How a mattress performs highly depends on what makes it. So, before finding out whether or not this mattress will meet your needs, let’s have a glimpse of its construction design.

Now, the Swiss Ortho Sleep consists of 3 layers that together give this bed its 13-inch thickness.

Here is an assessment of the 3 layers and their contribution to this mattress’ performance;

The cover

The very first layer that your body comes into contact with when on this mattress is a soft knitted cover.

This cover features a superb craftsmanship from a blend of polyester, cotton, and bamboo.

From my experience with beddings, this is about the best combination that you’d want for a mattress cover.

Let’s dig just a little bit here.

Polyester is a man-made material engineered from polymers. It’s extensively used in beddings and clothing since it’s cheaper and quite durable.

The only drawback, however, is that it tends to trap heat a lot. It also stains easily and can be daunting to clean.

On the other hand, cotton is a natural product and, therefore, a wise choice for homeowners who prefer going ‘green.’

It is highly breathable and keeps you cool thanks to its excellent moisture absorption.

On the flipside, it is substantially expensive and not so durable.

When blended together, you enjoy the strength of polyester plus the breathability and softness of cotton in an affordable cover.

The Swiss Ortho takes this goodness a notch higher by throwing bamboo into the mix.

Without getting too complex, bamboo adds the softness of cashmere or silk and also boosts the cover’s stain resistance.

Another great feature of this cover is that it is removable. It might not mean much but you’ll really appreciate it if you share your bed with your pets.

Again, a removable cover makes it easy to keep your mattress clean. It helps in reducing dust mite and allergens build up over time which is quite great for allergy sufferers.

The 1st layer

The top layer of the Swiss Ortho mattress is a 2-inch memory foam that has been infused with gel.

Besides offering you the initial comfort, it also aims at offering you a good sleep full of rest by dissipating excess heat from you.

Does it do this? We’ll find out this later in this article.

The 2nd layer

The middle layer is a 9-inch comfort foam layer with a high density. This layer holds your body and supports your weight evenly to prevent you from sinking too much into the bed.

The bottom layer

The last layer here is another 2-inch high-density foam that holds the top layers plus the sleeper’s weight.

It’s responsible for maintaining an evenly supportive bed throughout the bed surface. This layer’s high density also promises durability.

This layer also offers deep compression support as your weight transitions through the middle layer.

How does it feel to sleep on the Swiss Ortho Sleep Mattress?


The Swiss Ortho has been engineered to offer an all-around comfort feel. This begins right from the cover.

It is soft to the touch and highly breathable to minimize excessive sweating.

Its cotton and bamboo components also wick away perspirations to keep you cool throughout the sleep.

The comfort layer of this mattress is a 2-inch memory foam. It responds quickly to pressure and your body temperature and offers an impressive cradling effect for optimum relaxation.

We also like that this layer is only 2 inches thick and it’s followed by a high-density foam beneath it.

This means that the comfort layer won’t give off that ‘trapped’ feeling that thicker memory foam layers give.

On the same note, the gel infusion makes it a little bit denser. This feature means that changing positions and moving on the bed shouldn’t be a problem.

Firmness vs. Compatible sleeping postures

Generally, the Swiss Ortho Sleep has a medium firm density but it’s more on the firm side.

This mattress scores 7.5/10 on our firmness scale with 10 being the firmest.

This means that back sleepers will enjoy this mattress the most. Its slightly firmer feel offers just the right amount of even support.

It also has a little bit of sinkage to allow your heavier parts- the lumbar and shoulders- to sink in just a little bit.

This helps in distributing your weight evenly to prevent pressure points.

The Swiss Ortho might make a good bet for side sleepers as well. Its minimal sinkage means that your shoulders and hips will sink through the comfort layer to minimize pressure points.

Its high-density transition layer, on the other hand, offers just the right amount of support to prevent sinking too deep.

If you sleep on your stomach, a firm mattress that will keep your hips and buttocks up and out of the mattress is what you need to give your back its proper alignment.

In that case, I would only recommend the Swiss Ortho to stomach sleepers who don’t exceed 200lbs in weight.

Pain and Pressure Point relief

This mattress’ medium firmness falls right within the recommendable ballpark for a mattress that might help with pain and pressure point relief.

The low medium density memory foam comfort layer means that it contours and conforms to your body shape.

The high-density transition layer, on the other hand, offers deep compression support to promote neutral spinal alignment.

These attributes doubled with the highly breathable cover suggest minimal pressure point build-up and less strain.

Moreover, reduced toss and turning might also help in alleviating pains that emanate from poor sleeping postures.

Heat retention and thermal regulation

Memory foam is infamous for heat retention. So, it’s a good thing that this mattress’ comfort layer has gel infusion.

Thus, it should regulate the surface temperatures and let you sleep cool.

But do know that gel regulates temperatures by absorbing the heat rather than dispersing it off the mattress completely.

Therefore, it might start feeling hot after reaching its maximum holding capacity.

This mattress’ cover also plays a significant role in curbing the issue of sleeping hot thanks to its breathability.

Most previous buyers affirm that this mattress does not get uncomfortably hot at night.

So, if you are looking for a mattress that won’t burn you, I bet this is it.

Motion transfer

If you’ll be using the bed with a partner, then you probably want a mattress that performs well in dampening the disturbances from your partner’s turns and tosses.

High-density memory foam mattresses are the best at this. And the Swiss Ortho is no exception.

So, if you or your partner turns a lot at night, then this mattress might help in minimizing distractions.

Is it great for intimacy?

Yes and no. Similar to any other memory foam mattress, the Swiss Ortho Sleep offers minimal bounce to your night-time sheet sessions.

Thus, you’ll need to put in a little more effort to maintain consistency and even more effort during climaxes.

On the upside, this mattress offers you and your partner a good cradling effect on both top and bottom intimacy positions.

This means that you might be able to try out different sex positions and angles without straining much.

It also means that every calorie expedited during the romp will go into good use.

Off-gassing and Certification

This mattress ships compressed in a vacuum bag and will take a few hours to gain its full height.

You will also experience a mild-to-strong chemical odor that is common with memory foam mattresses.

You only need to set it in a well-ventilated room. This smell will dissipate in utmost 48 hours.

Is this scent harmful to the sleeper? Off-gassing in memory foam comes from the chemicals used in its construction.

Strong fumes may cause several complications including swollen and irritating eyes and an itchy nose only if you are super sensitive to petroleum odors.

But we like that Better Sleep uses CertiPur-US certified memory foam for the Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress.

Therefore, you have an assurance that the fumes emanating from this mattress don’t have phthalates, heavy metals, and PBDEs.

Trial Period and warranty

The major drawback with buying a mattress online is that you never drive-test it first.

Luckily, if you purchase the Swiss Ortho at Amazon, you get a full month to test it at home.

This trial period is way shorter than what the Classic Brands offers on its Classic Brands Cool Gel mattress.

But it’s still way better than sleeping on a mattress for 5 minutes at a brick and mortar store.

Neither Amazon nor eBay mentions a thing about the warranty. Again, my efforts to reach the manufacturer concerning this have not been successful yet.

So, I’ll update this review once the manufacturer responds.

Previous Buyers’ Reviews and Feedback

The Swiss Ortho currently boasts a 4.3/5 star rating on Amazon and 4.7/5 on eBay.

Most people tend to appreciate its performance in terms of support and comfort.

A good number of them affirm that it has excellent conformability that aids in back pain and pressure point relief.

Most of them also note that the initial ‘new mattress’ smell isn’t overpowering and dissipates after some hours.

However, there are also a few complaints especially about the mattress sagging around the center after one year.

In addition, several buyers reported that their mattresses slept hot since they lacked the 2-inch gel foam.

So, be sure to check this out first thing after the delivery.


LUCID Gel Memory Foam Mattress

The Lucid mattress incorporates most of the attributes that make memory foam mattresses popular. Therefore, it might make a great alternative here.

Similar to the Swiss Ortho, this mattress has a medium firmness. It promises deep contouring and excellent pressure point relief.

The Lucid also boasts a triple-layer construction design and has a gel layer to serve thermal regulation and comfort functions.

The major difference is that the Lucid is only 12’’ thick. It is also quite pricier than the Swiss Ortho.

On the other hand, it comes with an unbeatable 365-day trial period and a 10-year warranty.

Layla Mattress

For those who are looking for a good mattress for their bad back, this one might be it.

This mattress has been designed purposely to offer tailored support for pressure point relief.

What makes it special is its dual-side performance. One side is softer and offers you the melting-into-the-bed sensation that memory foam offers.

The other side is firm and might fit the bill if your doctor has recommended a firm mattress.

What makes it different from the Swiss Ortho Sleep is that it uses copper for its thermal regulation. It is also quite pricier.

LINENSPA 12-Inch Gel Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress

The Linenspa 12-inch mattress is for those who want to enjoy the versatility of innerspring mattresses and memory foam.

This mattress features a 2-inch gel-infused memory foam layer on an 8-inch coil system.

It makes a superb choice for couples who are looking for a bed with a good amount of bounce.

It’s also worth going for if you want a mattress that is easy to move on. The major drawback is that it might sag quite fast with regular use.


The Swiss Ortho Sleep mattress might be a good bet if you are looking for an affordable memory foam mattress.

This mattress offers a good amount of conformability for good support and proper spinal alignment.

The good thing is that it accommodates all sleeping styles and a majority of sleepers.

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