Sleeping Duck vs Emma: Which One is Better?

Sleeping Duck vs Emma: Which One is Better?

Sleeping Duck vs Emma: Which One is Better?

When it comes to mattresses, there are a lot of choices on the market these days. You can go with a traditional innerspring mattress, a memory foam mattress, or even one of those new ” hybrid ” mattresses with coils and foam. 

But which is the best option for you? In this article, we will compare two popular types of mattresses: Sleeping duck and Emma mattresses. We’ll look at how they stack up against each other in terms of price, firmness, and more. 

So if you’re trying to decide between a sleeping duck or an Emma mattress, read on.

What is a Sleeping Duck Mattress? 

Sleeping Duck is among Australia’s most popular and loved mattresses, and the brand is renowned for its excellent quality. Even though these mattresses fall on the pricier side, the extra cash you spend is worth it, as the mattresses offer excellent customisation levels. 

With the Sleeping duck, users can have a bed that meets their needs and those of their partners. The mattresses have a solid spring structure that offers excellent back support regardless of size or shape.

The mattresses have a hyper-adaptive foam that’s naturally bouncy and offers better support than traditional memory foam. The mattresses come with a ten-year warranty, a 100 days trial duration, and free delivery. 

Is Sleeping Duck Worth It? 

With a customisable foam layer that you can modify in twelve different areas, the manufacturer went above and beyond in its customisation; there are several firmness levels to choose from, including firm, medium, extra, medium, or soft firm. 

The best part is that you can share a different firmness level with your partner. There’s not much to hate about these mattresses as they are ideal for all sleepers from side and front to combo and black sleepers. 

The mattresses are made from springs and foams and have the best blend of new and old manufacturing technologies. The modular foam is a new technology, while the improved spring technology is a throwback to conventional designs. 

Jumping out of bed every morning is easier on these mattresses as it has excellent foam support. Sleeping Duck mattresses are also made from high-quality materials, making them durable with a ten-year average lifespan. 

Sleeping Duck Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • Excellent quality and offers great value for money
  • Designed with high-quality fabrics, including bamboo
  • 100 days trial period
  • Ten-year warranty
  • It has excellent bounciness with a pressure alleviation


  • Light sleepers can find them too firm 
  • Has off-gassing when unpacked

What is an Emma Mattress?

The Emma mattress brand has won over 30 awards and is available in 20 countries globally. The mattress has a three-foam structure which consists of high-density foam that offers a medium feel and responsive memory foam. 

Emma mattresses are ideal for people who love a firm feel while sleeping and are also excellent for side sleepers. The mattresses are environmentally friendly and are free from any toxins. The three layers of foam offer pressure alleviation, comfort, and affordable support. 

The mattress is the perfect recipe for a restful night as the mattresses conform to a sleeper’s body shape and distribute weight evenly across the mattress. 

Are Emma Mattresses Worth It?

Having won multiple awards for their excellent quality, Emma mattresses are worth every penny. Emma mattresses are designed with organic environmentally-friendly foam with moisture-wicking properties that keep you cool throughout the night. 

The mattress’s high-quality cover is also breathable and supports airflow. The mattress is also perfectly bouncy and has motion isolation technology that prevents partner disturbance. 

The mattress also contours to any body shape or size and distributes pressure evenly across the mattress and thus is ideal for individuals who suffer from back pain. The mattress falls on the firmer side with its 7/10 rating, and it comes with a ten-year warranty and a 100-night free trial.   

Emma Mattress Pros and Cons 


  • Offers excellent pressure relief 
  • Great motion isolation
  • Very affordable


  • Weak edges
  • Not bouncy
  • Has off-gassing

Sleeping Duck vs. Emma Mattresses Head-to-Head Comparison

1. Pricing 

The Sleeping Duck mattresses are pricier than the Emma mattresses. The cost of the Sleeping Duck mattresses based on size is as follows: 

  • Single $999
  • Double $1349
  • King Single $1099
  • King $1999
  • Queen $1649

The cost of Emma mattresses, depending on size, are as follows: 

  • Single $949
  • King single $1,049
  • Double $1,249
  • Queen $1,349
  • King $1,449

2. Firmness 

The sleeping duck comes in various adjustable — firm, medium, and half-half options. In general, the mattress is considered medium-firm, and it is rated six out of ten on the firmness scale. 

The mattress also offers extra firm and soft options designed from precision foam pads. The medium firm is rated five out of ten on the firmness scale, while the firm side is rated eight out of ten.   

The soft firmness level is rated four out of ten on the firmness scale, while the extra-firm is rated nine out of ten on the firmness scale. 

In contrast, Emma mattresses fall on the firmer side of the scale with a seven out of ten rating. The firmness level isn’t adjustable for the Emma mattress, and while it isn’t the firmest bed on the market, it’s firmer than hybrid/spring mattresses.

3. Warranty and Shipping

Both mattresses offer free delivery and return across Australia and come with a ten-year warranty. The warranty for the Sleeping Duck mattress doesn’t cover firmness changes, discoloration, odors, and general wear and tear. 

Unboxing Sleeping Duck mattresses is difficult as they weigh 52 kg. Fortunately, the box has wheels and a handle for easy maneuvering.       

Delivery for Emma mattresses usually takes between zero to seven days, depending on where you reside and when you place the order. Emma mattresses have a plastic cutter that makes it easy to unroll them. 

The ten-year warranty covers dips or sags that occur with the correct usage and when the mattress does not inflate to the appropriate size once removed from its packaging.   

4. Sleeping Style 

Since Sleeping Duck mattresses have adjustable firmness levels, the mattresses are suitable for most sleepers. There are some exceptions; the firm level is uncomfortable for stomach sleepers as it puts pressure on sensitive areas. 

The medium firmness level is ideal for large and average stomach sleepers, but it may be too firm for petite individuals. For side sleepers, the medium firmness is ideal as it hugs their body and supports their shoulders and hips. The adjustable medium and firm option for back sleepers are ideal as it supports their neck and lumbar region.

Emma mattresses are ideal for back sleepers but may not be ideal for petite-side sleepers. This is because petite individuals don’t compress the top layers; therefore, the mattress won’t offer as much body contouring and pressure alleviation. 

The mattresses are also ideal for petite stomach sleepers but not plus-sized stomach sleepers, as the mattress may not offer spinal alignment. Average-sized individuals would be most comfortable sleeping on their stomachs and their back.  

Plus-sized back sleepers will get optimal support from this mattress, while plus-sized side and stomach sleepers won’t, as the mattress is too firm and doesn’t cushion joints. 

5. Unique Specifications

The Sleeping Duck’s make is in a class of its own as it is made of unique layers that use a blend of pocket springs, high-density, and comfort foam. The mattress’s cover uses breathable bamboo, easily removable and washable. The first layer uses AntiGravity foam that offers breathability, buoyancy, and pressure alleviation. 

Below this layer is the firmness layer made of high-density foam that provides support. This is where you can adjust the firmness levels; if you want a firm feel, this layer will be made of dense foam, while the medium firmness will be made of absorbent foam. 

The bottom layer is designed using individually wrapped pocket springs, providing support and minimizing motion transfer. The base uses cold foam and offers counter-pressure regardless of your sleeping position, thus alleviating pressure. 

Emma mattresses have a moisture-wicking foam that prevents overheating while sleeping. Its cover has moisture-wicking properties and is machine washable. The Emma mattress comprises three layers; the first layer is the comfort layer, infused with graphite that offers support and has moisture-wicking properties.  

Below this layer is the Particle Cool foam allowing air circulation; the last layer is the memory foam layer, firmer in some areas and softer in others, thus helping isolate motion and keeping the spine aligned throughout the night.  

6. Quality of Materials

Sleeping Duck mattresses are made of high-quality materials that make them durable. The materials used to design these mattresses include pocketed coils, memory foam, and latex. Their covers are also made using bamboo, that’s porous and promotes air circulation. 

Emma mattresses are made using high-quality polyester and Visco elastic memory foam. These materials are eco-friendly and are free from harmful chemicals. 

7. Overall Comfort

Since Sleeping Duck mattresses have an AntiGravity Foam Layer that offers excellent cushioning and pressure alleviation with superior comfort, with its adjustable firmness levels, the brand has built a mattress that offers moveability and softness that cradles a sleeper’s body. 

Emma mattresses offer a supportive but contouring surface, and they’re well-balanced to provide support and comfort with their zoned and cooling foams. The mattresses have zoned layers that provide spine alignment and enable superior relaxation and pressure alleviation. 

8. Best Suited For

Since Sleeping Duck mattresses have custom firmness levels, they’re ideal for various sleepers. They’re excellent mattresses for sleepers looking for a hybrid make and don’t want to go for an all-spring or all-foam option. 

The mattresses are also suited for back sleepers since the Sleeping Duck offers the best balance of bounce, support, and comfort.  On the other hand, Emma mattresses are ideal for people looking for an affordable, high-quality memory foam mattress. 

The mattress is also ideal for side, back, and stomach sleepers looking for a mattress that’s either too hard or too soft. They’re also ideal for individuals looking for a balanced and supportive mattress that keeps you cool the entire night.  

9. Sleep Temperature

Like other hybrid mattresses, Sleeping Duck mattresses provide excellent temperatures the entire night. Its breathable cover from bamboo also promotes air circulation, thus preventing overheating. The mattress also has a pocket spring that promotes adequate air circulation resulting in comfortable and cooling sleep. 

Emma mattresses can regulate temperature well, preventing overheating. They also have a cover designed to prevent overheating. They also have graphite properties. These mattresses aren’t ideal for natural heaters. 

Final Thoughts

From the review, there’s no doubt that Sleeping Duck and Emma mattresses have put great effort into making mattresses that offer the best comfort. The materials used to make the mattresses are ideal for individuals looking to take their sleeping mattresses to the next level. When choosing between these two brands, consider your personal needs.  


Is  Sleeping Duck Or Koala Better?

The difference between Sleeping Duck and Koala mattresses is that Koala mattresses have better motion isolation properties, have more reviews, it’s all-foam, and have a longer trial duration. The Sleeping Duck mattress is more expensive, has adjustable firmness levels, and has pocket springs.  

Are Sleeping Duck Mattresses Designed In China?

Yes. Sleeping Duck mattresses are made in China. 

Is Emma Mattress As Great As Tempur?

Emma and Tempu mattresses are incredibly similar. Both are ideal for back pain that most medium-mattresses don’t have. Nevertheless, Emma mattresses work better for plus-sized individuals and have moisture-wicking properties. 

Does The Sleeping Duck Mattress Sag?

Sleeping Duck mattresses have zero sagging and offer excellent edge support; thus, you don’t have to roll off the bed at night or experience sinkage when sitting on the edge.  

How Long Does It Take For A Sleeping Duck Mattress To Inflate?

According to the manufacturer, it takes approximately 21 days for Sleeping Duck mattresses to inflate completely; however, you can start using it the same day.  

Which Is Softer Koala Or Sleeping Duck?

Both mattresses have an adjustable firmness level; however, Koala mattresses are softer than Sleeping Duck. If you’re a side sleeper that prefers foam’s sinking feeling, Koala is better than Sleeping Duck in this regard. 

Who’s The Owner Of The Sleeping Duck Brand?

In 2014, Sleeping Duck mattresses were established by Melbourne-based engineers Selvam Sinnappan and Winston Wijeyeratne. These two founders had grown tired of the confusion, hassle and cost of purchasing a mattress. 

Why Are Emma Mattress Hard?

Emma mattresses are medium firm; however, if you find it too hard, you can buy a comfort layer to adjust the firmness to suit your preference. 

Is The Sleeping Duck Mattress Hot?

No. The Sleeping Duck Mattress is made using bamboo, a naturally cooling material that promotes breathability and prevents overheating. The mattress also has pocket springs that promote airflow, keeping you cool throughout the night. 

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