Sleep Number vs. Personal Comfort

Sleep Number vs. Personal Comfort

Sleep Number vs. Personal Comfort


A good night’s rest can make a difference in how you feel the next day. For some people, comfort is key to a good night’s sleep, while others opine that they need more than just comfort. 

Whether you’re looking for Sleep Number or Personal Comfort mattresses, this post will help you choose one that best suits your needs. 

Personal Comfort

Personal Comfort and Sleep Number are both popular mattress brands. However, Personal Comfort is slowly taking over Sleep Number by developing an improved number bed that you can customise to your needs. But is Personal Comfort really the best bed?

Personal Comfort has many positive aspects; however, there are features that users are still unsure about. With setbacks varying from longevity to technology, there is a reason to give Sleep Number beds a wide berth. 

Sleep Number

Sleep Number takes pride in its smart mattresses, anti-snore elements, and SleepIQ technology. Not to mention the sleep-tracking technology and automated adjustments that let you regulate the temperature and firmness of your mattress. 

The only drawback is their tendency to wear out quickly despite high prices. If durability is your primary concern when purchasing a mattress, it’s best to steer clear of Sleep Number mattresses. 

Personal Comfort’s Owner Satisfaction

While Personal Comfort checks all the boxes, some customers still find this brand uncomfortable. Even with the positive reviews from many happy customers, this mattress still reports lower satisfaction scores than usual. 

Personal Comfort’s Supportiveness

Regarding supportiveness, this mattress receives both positive and negative reviews. Some customers report comfortability and excellent support after a night’s sleep, while others don’t find it helpful. For this reason, it’s essential to conduct in-depth research to find the perfect mattress for your comfort. 

Edge Support

Edge support is essential for people who like sitting on the edge of their beds. Customers have complained about this mattress not being supportive along the edges, causing them to sink more than usual. 

Personal Comfort’s Durability

One of the significant factors to consider when buying a mattress is durability. While everyone wishes to find a mattress that lasts a decade, Personal Comfort does not guarantee lifetime durability. So if you’re looking to buy a mattress that will sustain you for years, go through the reviews to find your body’s perfect match.   

Sleep Number’s Owner Satisfaction

Sleep Number does not guarantee complete satisfaction. Furthermore, it reports lower scores than average as most customers don’t find the comfort they anticipate from this brand. So before adding it to your wish list, do well to read through customer reviews. 

Sleep Number’s Supportiveness

If you’re struggling with discomfort from a sinking mattress, this mattress is your best bet. However, there are still complaints about support and firmness, so you’d want to check out their reviews before taking action. 

Edge Support

Edge support is essential for those who like sitting at the sides of their mattresses. The good news is that these mattresses offer excellent support for any body size. However, it may not be as effective for heavier individuals as for average weights. 

Sleep Number’s Durability

With the increase in counterfeit products, finding a durable mattress can be frustrating. Most mattresses last only for a few months, after which you’ll start experiencing back pain. 

The same goes with Sleep Number mattresses — most customers have complained about discomfort after a few months of purchase. However, not every user complains about durability, but it’s still vital to read through the reviews to get as much information as possible. 

Air Pedic Mattress as an Option 

The Selectabed Air-Pedic mattress is our go-to option for the best value despite the high pricing. It is high quality and full of amenities, justifying its competitive pricing. This airbed includes a sensitive hypergel cooling surface and a gel-filled layer for comfort and added ventilation. 

In addition to the gel-infused layer, this 13.5-inch airbed features a buoyant coating that prevents you from sagging deep into the mattress. Beneath this layer, another coating holds up your curves while reducing pressure points. 

This Air-pedic 800 Series also comprises a Resili-Flex support layer that helps alleviate pressure. It also features an adjustable urethane construction and numerous air systems for proper spine alignment. 

The best part is the lumbar support button which enables you to adjust the mattress to different comfort levels. Connecting it with wireless Bluetooth through your smart device is also possible to fine-tune your comfort.  

Finally, this mattress model includes a soft, breathable, micro-vented bamboo coating for additional airflow. This element is particularly essential to individuals who sweat at night (hot sleepers) as it aids in cooling down the body. It’s also worth noting that this component is made in the United States and is certified under CertiPUR-US.  

This model is available in six different sizes to fit every individual’s needs. But that’s not all: the AIR-Pedic 800 Series offers a 120-day trial and a 30-year limited warranty backed with global shipping. There are also a number of other Sleep Number alternatives available on the marketplace.

Experience the difference for yourself – use Sleepify700 for $900 off the Air-Pedic 800 Bed.

Best For: 

  • Couples: The double-sided adaptability and separate remotes allow couples to fine-tune their preferred comfort without compromise. 
  • Back-pain sufferers: The Air-Pedic 800 Series features a lumbar support system that ensures correct spine alignment, thus alleviating back pains. 
  • Value-seekers: This airbed offers a better value for money for those looking for a long-lasting mattress with unique features. 

Not Best For: 

  • Those on a tight budget: Airbeds aren’t ideal for individuals with a shoestring budget as they are relatively expensive compared to other mattress brands. But if you’re looking for something with the best value, the Air-Pedic 800 Series is your best bet. 
  • The tech- and accessory-averse: If customisation isn’t your tea, you’ll probably have difficulty maneuvering through the auxiliary devices. This model isn’t ideal for people looking for a more straightforward mattress. 

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