Sleep Number Vs. Nectar

Sleep Number Vs. Nectar

Sleep Number Vs. Nectar


If you’re looking for quality mattresses that offer you great back support, comfort and durability, look no further. The Sleep Number and Nectar mattresses are among the best picks to help you change your sleeping game at a fair cost. That said, this post will compare the two mattress rivals to help you choose between Sleep Number and Nectar mattresses.   


Nectar is one of the most popular and prestigious mattresses. It has revolutionised the game by having all-foam mattresses rated high in support, firmness, and comfortability. Additionally, they offer a wide range of mattresses, so you can choose any that matches your preferences. 

Nectar mattresses have multiple five-star ratings, and users love its top-tier cooling and pressure-relieving features, so you will be trying out something that’s tested and proven by real customers.

You’ll also get a 1-year trial and an unlimited warranty to test the mattress and see if it’s the right match. Moreover, it has quality materials essential for customer picks and comes at a cut-off price, so customers on a tight budget aren’t locked out. The brand also offers white glove delivery and payment on delivery options, which most customers appreciate. 

Sleep Number

Sleep Number has undergone significant changes, from its firmness technology to its anti-snore trademark and intelligent mattresses. Their new features include automatic firmness, temperature adjustments, and sleep tracking. 

Nectar’s Owner Satisfaction

Most prospective buyers rely on consumer reviews to determine the authenticity of a product. While going through verified customer reviews, we found out that many customers are satisfied with the overall experience they got from the Nectar mattress. 

However, you may also need to be wary as some customer ratings could be influenced by their perception of a brand.  

Nectar’s Supportiveness

Supportiveness is one of the key features customers have in mind when buying a mattress. Even if that’s not the case, you’d want your mattress to provide excellent spine support. As such, these mattresses offer excellent back support and comfort. 

Edge Support

Many mattress users prefer mattresses with top-tier edge support. Sleep Number and Nectar provide efficient edge support to help all sleeping enthusiasts have the ultimate support on the edge of their beds. 

Bowling Ball & Density Tests

The density test is a superb way to assess the firmness of your mattress, and you can also use it to determine its support capability. These two mattresses perform highly in spine support, so if you’re looking for a mattress with good spine support, either is perfect. 

Nectar’s Durability

Having a durable mattress is great for longevity and saving on the replacement cost. Sleep Number and Nectar mattresses are estimated to last 7-12 years with heavy usage. However, your mattress may not last long if you’re heavier than regular folks. 

Sleep Number’s Owner Satisfaction

If you’re considering purchasing this mattress, it’s best to check out customer reviews first; sadly, not all are great. Some people spoke glowingly about their experience with Sleep Number, while others left negative reviews about them. 

Sleep Number’s Supportiveness

Mattress supportiveness is essential for the ultimate sleep experience. Without this feature, it’s a dead end. When you use these mattresses for a couple of months, you’ll find that they have one of the best support systems, and after one year of usage, you’ll see their flaws. That’s why you need to pay attention to the reviews. 

Edge Support

When hunting for the best mattress, pay close attention to edge support. On that note, Sleep Number and Nectar mattresses provide the best edge support you can find. 

Bowling Ball & Density Tests

These tests help evaluate a mattress’s support, a crucial consideration for many people shopping for a mattress. However, regardless of these tests, some users have expressed their disappointment in the longevity of these mattresses. 

Sleep Number’s Durability

Even though these mattresses are glamorous, their durability is still questionable. Yes, they might serve you for some time, but you’ll need to find a replacement in a few years. That’s why you need to check out the warranty, reviews and specifications of the mattresses before making your final decision. 

Air-Pedic Mattress as an Option 

Air-Pedics are great mattresses that deserve more credit than they get. First, the 800 Air-Pedic series has a 1-inch responsive hypergel plush-top cooling layer and a 1.5-inch gel-infused layer for additional pressure relief and ventilation. 

The preceding layer doesn’t have much to offer, but it’s still one of the best if you don’t want to sink deep into your mattress. Moreover, another layer below this is the 1.5-inch ultra-comfortable HDflex that greatly relaxes your joints. 

Between the air chamber and the foam layers, you’ll find a 2-inch Resili-Flex layer which offers one of the best pressure relief. On the bottom six chambers, there’s an air system established for the best spine alignment, which is attributed to its urethane construction. Air-Pedic provides true lumbar support and a  Bluetooth-enabled remote you can control from your smart device. 

Experience the difference for yourself – use Sleepify700 for $900 off the Air-Pedic 800 Bed.

Additionally, the 800 Air-Pedic Kool-Flow is breathable and soft, becoming a customer favourite due to its features. If you’re a hot sleeper, this is your chance to experience absolute bliss, with the mattress keeping you cool while you sleep. The best part is that their mattresses are certified by the CertiPUR-US and are made from non-toxic materials. 

The 800 series comes in six sizes: queen, California king, twin XL, Eastern king, split king and split top king. Moreover, you also get to enjoy their 120-day trial and a 30-year warranty which is a game-changer.  If the Air-Pedic doesn’t match your needs, try out one of the other alternatives to Sleep Number mattresses ranked on Sleepify.

Best For: 

  • Hot sleepers: The 800 Air-Pedic Series is the best bet for hot sleepers as it comes with features such as relaxed foam layers and adaptable air chambers designed to keep you cool throughout the night. 
  • Couples: Since it comes with individual remotes and adjustable dual sides, partners no longer have to quarrel about the firmness level. And the best part is that it has four distinct sizes. 
  • Back-pain sufferers: This mattress ensures separate lumbar support and helps with spinal alignment, ultimately reducing back pain.
  • Value-seekers: Compared to other mattresses, the 800 series is pocket-friendly while offering excellent quality. 

Not Best For: 

  • Those on a budget: Even though this is the best pick, airbeds still cost a fortune compared to other mattresses, and it might not be the mattress for you if you’re on a tight budget. 
  • The tech-averse: The Air-Pedic mattress has advanced features that require you to do your due diligence to understand how they work. So, if you find automation and tech too complex to understand, this might not be the mattress for you. 

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