Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

Simba Hybrid Mattress Review

Simba Mattress

Today we are going to have a look at a mattress that has been developed based on information gathered from more than 10 million users and data points of 180 million. The Simba Hybrid mattress is a product designed by Simba which is an award-winning company and a very popular one with origins from the thread business. 

In addition, there are two other mattresses called Hybrid Essential, which is considered to be the most affordable option, and Simba Hybrid Pro as a premium product. This places our Simba Hybrid somewhere in the middle between these two and selling as a mid-range product. However, it is the top bestseller. 

If you are interested in learning more about this incredible mattress we did the research for you. In this Simba mattress review, we are presenting all the data you need to know before making the decision, whether to purchase.

Product Specifics

This product is sold as a medium-firm mattress with a depth of 25cm and if you want to mark it on the scale of firmness it will be somewhere at the 6.5 level. It consists of five layers covered with a hypoallergenic cover that cannot be removed and it is not machine washable, but it can be cleaned with a damp cloth. As this mattress has been created using the experience of 10 million users, Simba advertises it as the ideal sleeping companion for 95% of the users or that it fits almost anyone with all the different sleeping styles. 

Being a hybrid it blends the memory foam that gives contouring to the body and conical pocket springs that make up the supportive layer (an incredible number of 2500 springs in the king-size).   

Talking about sizes there are 12 different sizes classified into 3 categories for the UK, USA, and Europe, ranging from small single to Emperor or in European category EU Queen, while in the USA the range is from twin to California King. Regardless of the size dimensions, the thickness is constant at 25 cm or 9.7 inches.   

If you were wondering what are the five layers in this new mattress, here is the answer! 

Weight and Thickness

Regardless of the size of the ordered Simba mattress the box comes into the same dimensions 107cm x 50cm x 50cm.  In its biggest size, the product weighs around 40kg, which is pretty heavy. This means that at the delivery you will need a helping hand for the unboxing and transferring the duvet to the bed base. 

The box even contains a cutting tool for the opening of the vacuum seal and the plastic. For this mattress, there is no need for a longer period of adjustment or full formation when out of the box.  However, the company advises that 30 nights is a good period for full adjustment to the duvet. 

All the sizes as mentioned are with the same thickness of 25 cm and this meaning that you will not have any problems in finding sheets for the mattress as it fits the standard size. It can be placed on almost any surface including the floor, as well as spring, adjustable bed bases, and slatted bed frames. The Simba has no requirement to turn the mattress but still, it is advisable to do it monthly.

If you decide to change your old mattress without the bed frames Simba will perfectly fit almost any flat surface, just make sure if you have a slatted bed frame, that the slats are at a distance than is larger than 3 inches and if the bed frame is really old and has almost no support slats you can use plywood for mattress support. 

Product Description

Consisting of five layers the Simba mattress is a hybrid mattress because of the many materials it integrates with an objective to meet almost anyone’s and even the most sophisticated requirements of all the different kinds of sleepers. Thus the top layer or the cover is hypoallergenic, which means it allows a flow of air and makes the mattress breathable. It is a synthetic blend but unfortunately, it is not removable. It is best maintained with a soft and damp cloth and we also strongly advise to use a mattress protector over the top in order to preserve and extend the life of the mattress.  

The second layer is the comfort layer made of Simbatex. If it happens to be your first time to hear about this term, this material is more responsive when compared to the memory foam but at the same time, it provides a good night sleep thanks to the ability to touch the pressure points and thus it alleviates the back pain. 

What comes next are the conical pocket springs that are 2500 in number. The springs are helping the sleeper in a way that it adjusts to the sleeping position and your spine and reduces the partner disturbance when there is motion transfer. 

Next is the memory foam layer that consists of Viscoelastic foam that contours the body, alleviating the pressure points and giving spinal support.  

The last layer is the base foam called the Seventh Heaven and this also gives spinal and ergonomic support. It has integrated zones that assist in temperature regulation and keeping the mattress cool and preventing the sleepers’ from getting too hot. 

The Overall Feeling of Comfort  

What makes the Simba hybrid different from all the other bed-in-a-box ones is the layer of small pocket springs.

The Simba Hybrid Mattress is a ‘Medium Firm’ that provides great comfort especially for the back sleepers giving them the support and the right amount of softness that they need. One of the best prominent characteristics of this mattress is the airflow and breathability thus making it the perfect choice for hot sleepers.   

As said at the beginning Simba can satisfy all different kinds of requirements and suit every weight, shape, size and sleeping style. As well as the other hybrids, this one too makes a perfect blend between the pocket springs and memory foam mattress which gives responsiveness, comfort, and support overall. Declared as medium-firm at the scale of approximately 6 it offers moderate sinkage.  The Visco memory foam contours to the body, by hugging your body which is enhanced by the pocket springs support.

If you haven’t heard about the term Simbatex, do not worry about it as it actually is a term that defines a totally new material created for Simba. It makes the top latex layer of the mattress. The breathable sleep surface and the support base allows for the air to flow unrestricted all over and throughout the mattress, and in this way, it keeps the users cool. 

Due to the five layers incorporated into the mattress, every person can find something to like about this mattress. The feelings of a firm mattress that supports your spine and back are mixed with feelings of comfort and softness. 

The conical pocket springs are again Simba’s design and they adjust in their own pockets to the various body shapes of the users. The springs also reduce to almost a minimum, the partner disturbance offering complete body support. As the springs are individually placed in pockets or in other words wrapped separately, the users claim and confirm that the sleeping experience is one of a kind as the mattress offers relief in the pressure points during the many nights. 

Extra comfort is provided by the memory foam layer. This is one of the perks and deeply appreciated by all those who suffer from back pain. Anyway, if you are still not persuaded about this product, the best you can do is to try it out during the 100-night trial and in case you do not like it, to take advantage of the option for free returns.

Who is it recommended for?

This mattress was initially designed by using collected data by the 10 million users which included body profile info, and sleeping styles so based on this information the company created the mattress to fit every sleeping style.   

However, some of the users say that the contouring can be rather uncomfortable for the stomach sleepers because of the pressure that can be caused on the not supported lower back.

On the other hand, when it comes to contouring side sleepers are the ones who benefit from it and from the support of this mattress. The supportive foam base with seven zones is a perfect choice for the back sleepers as well as side sleepers and gives the much-needed pressure relief in the back and neck. 

The edge support is also one of the perks. It stands out from all the other mattresses in a box that have some issues with the edge support. The springs are covered by an additional foam layer that contributes to the support near the edges. So the next time you sit down or get up from the Simba you will feel the difference.  

What about the price?

The Simba has an average price and it has a price tag of the medium-range when we are talking about single or double size. For many, it is not the most affordable option but we cannot say that is the cheapest option as well. However, this mattress has a unique design, created from the users experience and it has the original design of pocket springs. 

The price tag and the affordability changes when it comes to King size or Queen size, then it becomes one of the most expensive options out there on the market. 

The company delivers throughout Australia and it usually takes around 1 to 7 business days. The delivery is free of charge. 

If there are cons about this product we are guessing the biggest one will be in this field as there were many complaints regarding the delivery and the customers’ support service. The typical complaints are that scheduled delivery does not arrive on time, there are no tracking numbers to track the process of delivery and that it takes a while to actually contact customer support. 

Although the company gives a 100-night trial some of the customers claim that it is hard to access the service. Yet the company after the trial period provides full refund of the money, in case you decide to return it. The company also gives a 10-year guarantee which is the standard one among the majority of the company. The mattress can be ordered online as well as via Amazon among the other sites that sell it. 

What are the perks and cons for the Simba?

Let’s look at some of the most important perks and cons of this product.


Extremely supportive especially around the edge

– Great for many different styles of sleeping

– Extremely comfortable and with great airflow

– The micro pocket springs offer great spinal support and pressure relief


-Many customers complain on the delivery and customers’ support

– Priced at the higher-end 

– Not removable cover 

Final Verdict: Will it offer the best night’s sleep?

 One of the most intriguing facts about the development of the Simba Hybrid mattress is that it originated from research that has been conducted among a large group of 10 million sleepers. As this is one extensive number the company has developed the mattress with every sleeper and sleeping style on their mind. 

As seen it consists of five layers in total including synthetic latex, pocket springs, responsive and bouncing memory foam and a support foam with seven zones. On the scale of firmness, Simba is at level 6.5 which makes it medium to a firm mattress. It is a great choice for the side and back sleepers and maybe not so ideal for the stomach sleepers. 

The price tag is pretty high but the uniqueness of the design and the quality of materials is one thing that guarantees comfortable nights with this by many considered the best mattress as it is suitable for various sizes, shapes, and styles of sleeping.

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