Self Inflating Mattress Kmart

Self Inflating Mattress Kmart

Self Inflating Mattress Kmart

Besides your daily slumber, there’s a sleep you catch outdoors, in the company of woods, mountains, and lakes. It’s beautiful, and at the same time, very relaxing. However, you need the right mattress for a night of deep and comfortable sleep on your camping trips. A self-inflating mattress is just made for this purpose.

If you get the right one, you can make your bed anywhere you want and doze off for hours. Self Inflating mattress by Kmart is one of the products you can count on for that. Read on to know the value it offers for an incredibly low price of $19.  

Pros of Self-Inflating Mattress by Kmart

  • It comes with clips to connect more mattresses
  • Very easy to use and pack
  • Excellent value for money – great comfort

Cons of Self Inflating Mattress by Kmart

  • The covering can be a little slippery for some people
  • You may need to give it 2 or 3 blows to fully inflate it

Comfort & Support:

This is the main feature to look for when shopping for a mattress, even if it’s a $20 Self Inflating Mattress by Kmart. This mattress will do the job well for occasional uses when you’re going on hiking or camping. It offers a cushioned support, and even though it doesn’t have the bulky foam like regular mattresses do, with 4cm inflated height, it’ll still keep you above the ground. 

Furthermore, the length of the mattress is 1.9m (160cm), and the width is 65cm. This means a regular guy of 5.3ft can easily sleep on it. However, if you’re over 5.5ft or close to 6ft, your feet will be on the ground unless you sleep with your legs folded. 

As for the durability, you cannot expect it to last for years – it can if not used frequently and kept with care. However, for an average camper or hiker that makes 5 to 7 trips a year, it might start getting saggy. 

Weight & Portability:

Mobility is the number 1 reason why people purchase these mattresses because they’re mostly used for outdoor stays. This Self Inflating Mattress by Kmart can be rolled up in a 5L dry bag shrinking down to 35cm in length and 20cm in diameter. Although this is not a very small size but still, it’s pretty good for backpacking.

Now, if we talk about the second important factor that affects the portability – the weight of the mattress, then this one weighs 1.2kg. Again, it’s not something extraordinary but if you are not loaded with gear, it can easily be carried for miles. 

Ease of Use:

When you’re going backpacking, you need a mattress that can be set up in a few minutes and can also be deflated and packed quickly. This Self Inflating Mattress by Kmart gets full points in this department. The process of setting it up is pretty simple; just pop open the valve, and it’ll inflate in a few minutes while you get ready for your relaxing slumber. Close the valve when it’s filled up, and if you need it to be a little firmer, a few blows will do the trick.  

You can also remove some air by pressing on to the mattress with the valve open to get a ‘sinking’ feel when laying down on it. To deflate, open the valve and roll the mattress up, which will expel the air. It also comes with clips so you can connect another mattress to increase its width. 

Price to Value:

Now comes the price to value part, and for the Self Inflating Mattress by Kmart, going for $19, it does offer a bang for your buck. Every outdoor mattress you’ll buy will come with a few caveats, and this one has its own, but all in all, it’s a solid buy.  

For $19, it’s a decent entry-level self-inflating mattress that you can also keep at the back of your car in case of emergencies. 

Final Verdict:

If you’re someone going on hikes every few months, this mattress can serve you well, but for those looking for a solid companion for regular outdoor slumber, go for more expensive camping mattresses. 

For $19, this Self Inflating Mattress by Kmart will provide good comfort, mobility, and usability for occasional uses. 

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