Our Unique Space-saving Bedroom Storage Ideas

Our Unique Space-saving Bedroom Storage Ideas

Our Unique Space-saving Bedroom Storage Ideas

If you’re like us, there’s a good chance your bedroom isn’t exactly designed to store a tone of ‘stuff’ without looking overly cluttered. Sure, you might have your wardrobes and maybe a few small storage compartments, but that’s about it.

When it comes to getting a lot of items securely stored in the bedroom without making it look like a bomb’s hit it, we have a tonne of unique space-saving storage ideas for small bedrooms below. Whether you need some more space for clothes, toys, the home office or anything else, we’re sure there’s an idea for you below.

Keep in mind you can use all these storage ideas for other rooms in the house too, the bedroom is just best-suited to these.

Take a look at our unique bedroom storage ideas below!

The Bench at the Foot of the Bed

To kick off our list, there’s nothing more versatile and good for storage than the bench at the foot of the bed. If you have enough space down here, consider investing in a cohesive bench with storage space within it.

You’ll be able to use this to sit and put your shoes on and get ready for the day or a night out, and also have plenty of storage space within it for all of your shoes and other items that don’t quite fit in the wardrobe.

Built-in Shelving

For those lucky enough to be starting from scratch, or able to go all-out on their storage, then we suggest built-in shelving.

These work best on the walls with the widest, uninterrupted horizontal space. Work to run the shelving from one side of the room to the other and have around three to four open shelving compartments. You’ll want to make sure that there aren’t any cupboard doors on these shelves or you’ll inadvertently make your room look a lot smaller.

It’s also a good idea to have a lip installed on to each of the shelving compartments, and in doing this you won’t see anything slip or roll off.

The Standalone Closets

If you have a bedroom that’s not got a lot of closet space, then IKEA is going to be your saving grace here.

This space-saving storage idea will make use of little floorspace and give you plenty of room for clothes and other items in the wardrobes. We suggest choosing a colour of standalone wardrobe that matches with the decor items in your room, and you’ll have a cohesive wardrobe that looks like it belongs in your bedroom.

Depending on the size of the room, you may have to go rather slim with these standalone wardrobes and push them close to a free wall or even use them as a bed head.

Make Use of Under the Bed

One of Sleepify’s favourite storage spaces is under the bed. It’s so often under-utilised and there’s usually a tonne of free, unused space under here.

Consider a few slim-line boxes and have them slide under the bed. This way, you’ll have plenty of space for those seasonal outfits that you don’t wear all too often. You could also try this storage tip with other unused spaces in rooms around the house too, such as the areas beneath the sink in the kitchen.

In all, your beneath-the-bed storage solution is a winner for the items you don’t need to access all that often.

Storage for Filling a Gap

This is a rather rare and ultra-unique storage idea, but hear us out.

For those bedrooms that have storage free space, like below the window sill, in the corner of a room or beneath a breakfast-bar-type countertop; have a storage solution installed here. You’ll be able to fill the gap in the room that you can’t use for anything else.

This also works wonders for bedrooms with old, unused fireplaces. Have a woodworker take a look and they’ll be able to design a set of drawers that will slot into the space and you’ll be able to use this area for storage.

To add, these storage solutions are also quite safe. They’re not standalone drawers, which means in kid’s rooms, you won’t see anyone climbing them and pulling them over.

Bed Frame Shelves

A second bed storage idea are the bed shelves.

This idea will rely on where you have free space on the bed. If it’s below the bed, have open shelves stored here. If its the bed head, have some shelves installed atop the frame you’ll have plenty of space that easily accessible for things like underwear, phone chargers and more.

This storage idea will work best on the lower areas of the room, so keep that in mind when considering open shelving for the bed. You don’t want to have anything fall out on to you as you sleep.

The Wall-nook Shelving

A wildly popular bedroom storage idea this year is either creating a nook and filling it with shelving, or using an existing nook and building it out with shelves.

A lot of 90s-designed Aussie homes have a setback in the walls in the bedrooms for desks that is about 80cm wide. Use these spaces to set up a floor to ceiling set of open shelves and you’ll have more storage than you’ll ever need.

This is also a great idea for hallways and bedroom wardrobes that don’t have any existing shelving within them.

Divvy Up the Dressers You Have

This storage idea is more of an amplification of your existing storage.

Where you can, work to slot in storage dividers and you’ll be able to better organise the storage space you have. In doing this, you’ll be able to reach into a wardrobe drawer and pull out a single item, rather than having to lift up everything to find what you’re looking for.

You can also use this idea for all of your shelving too. Thin sheets of divider plastic will do the trick and they’re not too visually heavy either, keeping things nice and tidy.

Wall-mounted Mismatched Boxes

One of the more modern and elegant storage ideas is to cover a wall in decor-like storage boxes.

In almost all cases, raw timber will work best here, though depending on your room’s colour palette you might have to make a few adjustments. Work to ‘Tetris’ all these boxes together on the wall and ensure they’re flush with one another and there aren’t any gaps.

With these boxes arranged and nailed or drilled to the wall, you’ll have a huge chunk of the wall dedicated to storage for everything from throw pillows, plants and more. Just be sure not to hang or store anything in these that’s too heavy, or you might tear one of them off the wall.

Optimise Your Hanging Rods

Our storage idea for limited walk-space is to make use of improved hangers.

We know that it can get a little tight in the wardrobe when you have a million coat hangers jammed on a single coat rod, and our tip will help to remedy this. With coat hangers that have space for more than one garment, you’ll be able to double or even triple your wardrobe space.

These hangers have extra clips and grips for things like scarves, belts and more, so you’re able to free up space elsewhere in the room for your accessories.

Hanger Boxes

Keeping in the wardrobe and on the hanger rod, we suggest our hanger boxes.

These can simply slot between the clothes you already have hanging up, and you’ll have a tonne of extra space for your shoes, scarves, socks and other accessories that don’t have their own dedicated space in a drawer. Then you’ll have more space for folded clothes and other items in here.

You can also find these hanger boxes with grips for your bedroom door, so your shoes, belts and other essentials can live here.

Stackable Timber Box Storage

When used correctly, these boxes can add a tonne of storage as well as decor too.

You can easily purchase three to six of these boxes and stack them in pairs or in threes and fill them up with everything from clothes, shoes, accessories or even a pot plant or two.

Why we suggest you stack these, is down to the fact they’re quite sturdy, so you’ll be able to take a seat on them when it’s time to lace up your shoes and get on your way. If you stack two to three of these boxes together, you’ll be getting just enough height for them to be used as a bench.

To end, these will also work on top of desks, wardrobes and under desks too.

The Old-school Cube Compartments

As these are often plastic or made of a colourful fabric, you can either show these off or hide them in another storage area around the bedroom.

The upside to them being a standard cube-sized shape is you can slot them into the cabinets you’ve mounted on your walls should you want to hide anything you’ve stored up there. These cabinets also come with handles, so you’ll be able to easily pull them out and push them back in.

We would suggest colourful fabric compartments if you’re looking to use these as decor, whereas the plastic ones can sit in a wardrobe out of the way.

Our Shoe Organiser

These can live anywhere that offers a good vertical space and a rod or something for the shoe rack to grip on to.

With this storage idea, you can easily hide your shoe addiction on the inside of a wardrobe door and out of the way of the floor. You can also use the shoe hooks here for hats, belts, watches and other small accessories too so you’ll essentially be creating a storage space for all your essential items before you head out the door.

A Built-in Storage Bed

If you’re not too keen on adding anything to the room, then invest in a bed with storage built into the frame!

These are ideal for kid’s bedrooms as they’ll provide a place for toys, books, shoes and clothes where the kids can reach them. However, we can adult-ify these beds by choosing a darker colour and storing small pot plants and other items around the bed like notepads, belts and shoes.

In all, these storage beds are ideal for using the lower portion of your bedroom for storage, and keeping things tidy elsewhere.

Mirrored Double-height Cabinets

Our storage solution for those rooms that are a little small and will make your room appear larger are the double height, 2.5m mirror storage cabinets.

These are ideal in spaces in the bedroom that have two windowless walls facing one another. You’ll be able to slot one of these cabinets in here and get a full-length mirror along with plenty of storage too.

This is the ideal for those bedrooms that need a little extra light and could benefit from a mirror to do that.

Industrial Storage Racks

One of the more unique storage ideas on our list is perfect for the shabby chic of loft-style bedroom.

These open shelving industrial-styled storage racks are our top choice when it comes to choosing a storage solution that will match your aesthetic but won’t take up too much visual space. These are ideal for those bedrooms that could benefit from a sturdy and high-capacity storage solution.

Everything from books, lights, salt lamps, clothing and pot plants will look great on these cabinets and they’re the ideal solution for displaying items, rather than hiding them.

The Slimline Standalone Wardrobe

Similar to the wardrobe we suggested above, but for the smaller rooms, our slimline wardrobes are a winner.

We know that in these spaces, floorspace means more than anything, so getting an ultra slim profile wardrobe that’s tall is your best friend here. You’ll be able to make use of a lot of vertical space and not need to worry about the wardrobe eating up too much of your floor space.

You should go for a light coloured variant here to reduce the visual weight of this wardrobe and pair it with a mirror on the front to prevent it from appearing to take up too much space.

Window Sill Bench

A two-in-one solution here, the window sill bench is ideal for storage but also for creating a sitting area with a view.

You’ll be able to use the interior of the bench for storing essentials or those winter clothes you’re not using all year round and save a tonne of space in the wardrobes. Again, being a great solution for small rooms, you’ll be able to use this zone in the room for seating, watching movies or even getting work done if you have a workflow you can utilise while sitting on the benches.

Our top tip here is to choose a bench with a space for a mirror which you can mount to make the room little a little bigger.

Consider a Platform Storage Bed

Taking under-bed storage to a new level, you’ll be able to storage under the entire base of the bed here.

As we’re sure you’ll agree, this is a tonne of open area for storage, and you may be able to fit your entire wardrobe under here, for example. That said, there’s plenty of space for everything from clothes, non-essentials and more and this will free up space in your bedroom for other items.

If you’re lucky, this could even eliminate your entire dresser and replace some of your storage cubes, opening up your room a lot more and giving you much more floorspace.

The Murphy Bed

Without a doubt, one of our favourite storage ideas is the Murphy bed with built-in storage.

You’ll be able to effectively add anywhere between three to six metres squared of floor space back to your room if your bed can fold up to the wall. And with the storage cabinets on either side of the bed frame you’ll have enough space for all of your clothes in this one small area.

Take a look online for a bed frame that folds up to the wall and features storage and you’ll be able to create a multi-functional bedroom that allows you to make use of the entire floor space.

Utilise the Corners with a Shelf

Another storage idea for the small bedrooms, the corner shelf is our winner in that it takes up little to no floor space but can add up to three cubic metres of storage.

Choose a cabinet that will slot perfectly into an unused corner in the room and do your best to choose one that’s as tall as possible. In small spaces, we want to use as much of that vertical height as possible.

These cabinets may not be ideal for clothes, but they are fantastic for plants, accessories, photo frames and general small items — keeping your room tidier and maximising free space.

Above-bed or Above-desk Shelving

These shelving solutions are our top choice for those with desk or bed zones in the bedroom with a tonne of free space above them.

Have these cabinets or shelving installed above the desk or bed running horizontally for the entire length of the desk or bed and you’ll create a good sense of visual cohesion as well as making sure you’re getting a whole lot of storage space.

Again, since it’s vertical and above the floor you’re losing no floor space here and able to store everything from plants, clothes and accessories which keeps them out of your wardrobes and gives you more free space in the bedroom.

The Minimal, Open Wall Shelves

Like the storage boxes we spoke about above, this storage solution is a winner for those who need a minimal and visually paired back storage solution.

For this to work out best, you’ll want to select a storage solution that has little ‘mass’ as possible. All of your items need to shine through here, with the shelves of cupboards fading into the background.

These will work best in above-desk locations and thus be a great idea for those who need a storage solution for stationary, photo frames and other small items. 

A Single Wall-mounted Box Shelf

For those times you don’t need a tonne of storage in the bedroom, but just a space for a few knickknacks, the slimline box shelf will be the winner.

This storage idea is essentially a long, slim shelf that runs the length of a bed or desk and sits roughly halfway up your wall. Being long, it will offer plenty of storage space and being so slim and minimal it won’t demand too much attention from whoever enters your room — keeping the space from feeling to small or cramped.

A Closet Corner

If you’re not lucky enough to have a full-sized walk-in closet, then this is going to be your next best thing.

In a single, unused corner of the bedroom, have a closet installed. As the corner will provide more depth and space than a flat side of the wall, you’ll be getting a tonne of storage space for drawers, and a lot of height should you choose to run the cabinets to full height.

Make sure that you choose a model with enough storage space for hanging clothes as well as folded clothes in drawers and you’ll quickly reduce the need for any other storage space for your clothes. This will leave the rest of the room free for other use.

Cubbies in the Closet Shelves

For the closet spaces that aren’t well-designed and don’t offer too much storage space, we suggest sliding in a tonne of cubbies.

You can stack these on top of one another for plenty of extra space should you need it, and having handles, you’ll have easy access when it comes time to slide these cubbies in and out of the closet.

This idea will also help out with organisation as it will keep everything locked to one small cranny, rather than spreading it throughout your closet or wardrobe.

The Door-hidden Closet or Wardrobes

One of the most unique storage solutions on the list is having a room divider-style storage solution.

For this to work, you’ll need to set up a bi-fold door and have it designed in harmony with the wardrobe behind it. Much like a retail store, you’ll be able to slide these doors across and have access to the storage behind it, however, when it’s time for ‘shut up shop’ you’ll be able to simply slide these doors across the return your bedroom to normal.

In all, this solution may make your room look a little smaller when the doors are closed, however, when you slide them across you’ll be showing off a brilliant hidden ‘room’ so to speak.

Use Your Angled Alcoves

Unlike the typical alcoves or wall recessions we spoke about above, these storage solutions are our choice for angled alcoves and areas behind stairs.

Work to incorporate open shelving here as it’s going to be your best option for adding storage without a lot of visual clutter. Ensure the shelving is the same depth as your stairs or the alcove it’s in and you’ll have a beautifully designed storage solution that sits flush with your wall.

These areas work best for storing clothes you’d like on display or for showing off coffee table books, pot plants and other elegant knickknacks.

Aesthetic Storage Bins for Toys

For the parents of children with a tonne of toys, we’re glad to say that keeping things tidy and free of clutter isn’t too hard.

Our top suggestion for storage ideas for toys is simply a bin cubby or an oversized toy chest made of fabrics. This will keep everything in one area of the bedroom, and being an operable cubby or chest will make it more fun for the kids to open and close and turn the cleanup time into more of an interactive chore rather than time to throw things across the room into the toy bins.

We’d suggest keeping things a softer material here, as opposed to timber storage as there’s a reduced risk of injury with toy chests made of fabric.

Slotting Shelves into the Headboard

To end our list, we highly suggest making use of the space behind the bed head or the headboard. As we’re sure you’ll agree, these spaces are ideal when it comes to storing frequently used items, and they’re ideal for making use of otherwise wasted space.

If your bed head already has plenty of storage space, make use of it and amplify it with extra slimline cubbies that sit flush with the bed head.

For those bed heads that are simply a fabric-covered board or timber slats, work to install cubbies and open shelving above them. These areas of the bedroom are almost never used, and are prime realestate for storage in the bedroom.

In all, the space above the bed head is ideal for essentials like wireless smartphone chargers, pot plants, books, sleeping masks and other items that you’ll use on a daily basis or want to see in the bedroom as decor items.

The Takeaway

With all of those creative and practical storage ideas out of the way, we’re sure you’ll find a tonne of extra space in your bedroom that you never knew you had.

Our top tips are to always make use of vertical space, especially in the smaller bedrooms. You don’t want shelves, wardrobes and other storage items taking up your already-low floor space, and there’s no better remedy to this than using the wall for storage instead.

A second tip is to keep things as open and airy as possible. That means keeping shelving open-faced and removing the doors from cupboards before installing them into your bedroom. Closed-faced storage often creates the feeling of a smaller room unless there’s a mirror on the front of the doors, and because of this we highly suggest you keep things as open as possible.

And there you go!

All of Sleepify’s top space-saving storage ideas for the biggest and smallest bedrooms. We hope you’ll be able to find some extra storage space in the bedroom this year.

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