Osteo Support Mattress Review

Osteo Support Mattress Review

Osteo Support Mattress Review

Osteo Support Mattress

Your mattress is one of the most important factors that determine whether you get a good night’s sleep or not. It had always been like that, except that things have changed drastically over the past 18 or 20 months. Now, the quarantine life has most of us “working from home.”

Although it sounds easy and fun, it is not. We don’t have dedicated workspaces at home, and it has invaded our most prized comfort zone – our bed.

So, buying the right mattress is an even bigger challenge now; besides sleeping well, we have to consider that the fact that we will spend more time on it than ever before. But, don’t worry. We have found Osteo Support Mattress, which is not only good for your back but is also a total bargain.

A budget-friendly yet comfy mattress.

The Osteo Support Mattress is a treat for anyone who has had a rough “quarantine” patch at home and is looking for the right mattress. At under 500$, this mattress is a cost-efficient yet comfortable package, and it has an incredibly intelligent design.

Its combination of soft fabric, high-density foam, and perforated latex provides excellent support, making it ideal for those who sleep on their sides or back. Plus, the quality of its upper pillow-top layer feels worth way more than what you actually pay for the mattress. So it wasn’t a surprise that our evaluative tests placed this mattress at medium-plush on our firmness scale.

When it comes to the feel and texture of the mattress, the combination of foam, latex, and fabric creates a silky smooth texture. And there’s more. The mattress is manufactured with an ultra-loft quilting method, making it even more comfy and soft.

Its plush pillow-top layer also helps fight bed bugs and dust mites, and it is hypoallergenic too. If you’re wondering how its 50mm high-density foam and perforated latex give minimum breathing space to small intruders and act as a shield.

Another amazing feature is that the latex used in the mattress comes from organic sources, and it’s free from any dangerous chemicals that other mattresses might use. This gives you immense relief as you don’t have to think twice before snuggling in close and sleeping comfortably without any allergic reactions.

Let’s get inside its inventive design.

Though the comfy feel of the Osteo Support Mattress is enough to convince you, you are specifically blown away when you study the interior of the mattress.

The product has been intelligently designed based on a 3 Zone System that refers to a unique arrangement of spring coils that react differently to different amounts of coil tensions. As a result, when you sit or lay on the mattress, it creates firmer areas and softer areas.

Such coil arrangement adapts to your body’s natural shape. It then provides firm support and comfort simultaneously, without suppressing the overall mattress area (which is very common in average, knock-off mattresses). This means that this mattress will support you all night long without forcing you to switch sides or postures. The mattress lacks support on the edges only, but that doesn’t take away the comfort it offers.

Additionally, the 3 Zone System provides equal distribution of back support from top to bottom, ensuring proper spinal support. The innovative pocket spring design will never let you feel anything from the inside build of the mattress.

The fine details of its innovative design show their true genius when you look at the independent spring movements at different points of the mattress. We tested it ourselves and found that when there are two people in the bed, one would not be disturbed by the movement of the other. So, you can let yourself relax and sleep peacefully even with a continually tossing sleep partner.

Have a look at the size options.

The Osteo Support Mattress is nearly half the price of many reputable mattresses with the same features. That’s why we can’t stress its affordability enough.

As mentioned earlier, the mattress sells at an incredibly low price point of $399. This means that its smaller sizes cost even less than that! Here is a size comparison with dimensions when the mattress is out of the box, along with the prices:

  • Queen costs $399, weighs 33kg, and has dimensions of 153 x 203 x 26cm
  • Double costs $379, weighs 29kg, and has dimensions of 137 x 188 x 26cm
  • King Single costs $329, weighs 25.5 kg, and has dimensions of 107 x 203 x 26cm
  • Single costs $299, weighs 22.5kg, and has dimensions of 97 x 25 x 25cm

However, we also have the in-box dimensions for each mattress as follows:

  • Queen: 158 x 25 x 25cm
  • Double: 142 x 25 x 25cm
  • King Single: 112 x 25 x 25cm
  • Single: 97 x 25 x 25cm

Where does it rank among others?

You can brag about a product or feature as much as you like when it stands uncontested. But, an honest and meaningful review is not completed without comparing it to other available options.

So, let’s see where Osteo Support Mattress stands against a made-in-Germany contender in the budget mattress category: the original Emma Mattress. This award-winning mattress was launched in 2015 and has been a customer favorite ever since. The fact that it is now used in 21 countries shows how great of a product it is.

CHOICE rewarded the Emma Mattress with the “Top Spot” on its list of best budget mattresses because of its breathability and intelligence. It uses a high-quality memory foam that doesn’t absorb body moisture. Instead, it allows it to evaporate through the porous surface. This allows the sleeper to stay cool and sleep peacefully.

Further, Emma Mattress also uses a 3 Layer core system (Similar to Osteo Mattress) that uses memory foam to adjust to the body’s curvature and provides pressure point relief. And, just like Osteo Mattress users, Emma Mattress users report undisturbed comfort despite a turning and tossing bedmate because of the independent movement of springs.

Despite its popularity, Emma Mattress manufacturers do not share detailed information regarding its material. This is one of the reasons that people in Australia are somewhat skeptical about its safe usage.

To sum it up, Emma Mattress’s most distinguished feature is its moisture-wicking and quick drying of the mattress surface. It is not something new but has considerable value among users who are tired of overheating their lower-end memory foam mattresses.

Apart from this, the Emma mattress does not seem to stand out from the Osteo Support Mattress, given that it comes at a hefty price tag of 799$, which is double the price of the Osteo Mattress.

If you decide to go for the Emma Mattress instead of Osteo, the only difference would be getting a memory foam 3-layer system instead of Osteo Mattress’s pocket springs, which is just a personal preference since the 3 Zone System does exactly the same thing.

Also, if you consider Emma’s non-disclosure of included materials, it does raise allergy concerns in potential buyers. If you, as a customer, are concerned about that, try reading customer reviews before making a decision.

In addition to all the features and prices, one last thing that customers consider before making a decision is the warranty, and Emma takes the lead here. It comes with a 10-year warranty as compared to Osteo Mattress’s 5-year warranty.

Since the two mattresses match up in almost all aspects, the extra 400$ in Emma Mattress’s price tag seems to be a little too much for a longer warranty and moisture-wicking ability. Though the features are attractive, a wise Aussie would not be willing to pay double the price for that.

So, keeping in view the prevalent economic crises due to lockdown and other restrictions, Osteo Support Mattress looks to be the most cost-efficient choice.

A few added benefits that you won’t get anywhere else!

Since Osteo Support Mattress has established its position as a budget-friendly and comfortable choice, let’s look at a few more benefits you can enjoy if you decide to buy it.

To start with, sourcing an Osteo Support Mattress is a straightforward process. Mobile Mattress makes getting an Osteo Mattress easy and convenient with their online service and retail outlet based in Capalaba in Queensland. As an independent manufacturer, they have bypassed importers, distributors, and wholesalers, making sure there is a direct transaction between them and the customers.

This doesn’t only make its availability easier, but it is also the reason why you can buy such a great product at an amazingly low price. That’s a major benefit of not keeping any middlemen in your business model.

Apart from this genius business practice, Mobile Mattress also encourages local purchasing rather than importing raw material. They use sustainable Australian pine to build the bases for all of their sleep products. And, all of their manufacturing processes adhere to the latest sleep research, ensuring the use of safe materials only. So, when you read their claims about being safe and using organic materials, you can rest assured that these are backed with research and facts.

Besides promoting local Australian industry, Mobile Mattress also sells and ships their Osteo Support Mattresses to other countries as an Australian-owned and operated business. So, wherever you make a purchase with them, you know you are adding to the country’s economic growth and international reputation.

Another amazing feature is the use of Flip Free Technology, which means you do not have to flip the mattress as it has one sleep side only. Some users might take it as a disadvantage, but it has added benefits actually. Number one, it ensures uniform wear. And second, you’ll have twice as many comfort layers working to relieve pressure on your body and reduce motion transfer.

Considering all the features and benefits, if you deem Osteo Support Mattress as a decent bargain under 500$ and decide to purchase it, you have even more benefits coming your way.

First, it comes with a 5-year factory warranty to help cover any damage. Second, you do not have to pay the whole amount upfront because Mobile Mattress offers financing options to allow for flexible payments to get your hands on the mattress sooner and without straining your wallet.

In case Osteo Support Mattress doesn’t meet your expectations — may be due to its medium-plush firmness rating — you can always browse through Mobile Mattress’s wide range of other mattresses, bases, and other sleep products.

To touch and feel their products, you can check them out at their retail showroom located at 7/11 Dan St, Capalaba 4157. Make sure to inquire about their timings and working days before visiting them. We are sure their knowledgeable staff will be able to guide you better and answer all of your questions.

Let’s rewind and summarize.

The Osteo Support Mattress is your go-to choice if you are on a budget and wish to upgrade your sleeping abode. Besides providing palpable support and comfort to back and side sleepers, it also fights pests and keeps you safe from allergies. This is one of its most unique features, as night-time pests are one of the greatest fears of Aussies.

The mattress also demonstrates intelligent adaptability. Thanks to its 3 Zone System, the mattress adjusts to your body’s natural shape and doesn’t let one person’s movement disturb the partner’s sleep. However, the mattress has one drawback: non-supportive edges. But that shouldn’t take the credit away for its intelligent design (and doesn’t reduce comfort anyway).

All of these features come in a nicely packaged cover and a decent price, which shoppers can pay on their terms and still enjoy a 5-year warranty. That’s all Mobile Mattress could have done in their power to facilitate potential customers.

If you are still in doubt, you can head to their website and see what customers have to say about Mobile Mattress and its amazing range of products. While this mattress may not take away your stress and sufferings, it is guaranteed to give you a good night’s sleep so you can start the next day better!

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