Lazybed Vs Koala: Which Mattress is Best?

Lazybed Vs Koala: Which Mattress is Best?

Lazybed Vs Koala: Which Mattress is Best?

Best Overall Koala

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Key Points

Very BreathableBalanced Feel
All FoamSpecialized Foam
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Bamboo CoverTencel Blend Cover

Two of the most popular mattress brands on the Australian market are Lazybed and Koala. Buyers of both of these mattresses rave about the support and pain relief that they provide. But which one is best. In this article, we put Lazybed and Koala head to head to find out. 

Koala Mattress Review

Koala are one of the first mattress retailers in Australia to take on the direct to customer in a box format. Koala mattresses get great reviews from customers on Amazon for both mattress satisfaction and customer service. 

One of the standout features of the Koala mattress is that it features a proprietary foam material that Koala have created themselves. This technology is known as Kloudcell. The open cell structure of the mattress provides maximum breathability while also being very responsive. 

There are two foam layers in the Koala mattress. The top layer is made of Kloudcell foam. In addition to maximizing the air flow of the mattress, it also does a great job of relieving pressure on your body’s pressure points. The bottom layer of the Koala mattress is firmer so as to provide a stable base. This will reduce movement of the bed so that your partner is minimally disturbed while also improving the support on your spine.

The mattress has a cover which fits perfectly over the foam. It does a great job of wicking away moisture. The cover is removable and is machine washable.On the firmness scale, the Koala mattress rates a 6 out of 10. This may be a little too firm for some people. Generally, people who sleep on their stomach or their front prefer this mattress to people who sleep on their side. The higher than average level of firmness that this mattress provides, makes it better for larger people. 

The major selling point of the Koala mattress is the coolness that it provides, thanks to the patented foam that Koala incorporates.The superior air movement that you get with this mattress will go a long way toward offsetting the natural heat buildup that you get with a foam mattress. 

The responsiveness of the foam in the Koala mattress means that you have a feeling of sinking into the bed. This may not be ideal for people who prefer more ‘bounce’ on the mattress. 

Lazybed Review

The Lazybed mattress is a worthy counterpart to the Koala. It provides you with a breathable alternative thanks to the special viscoelastic foam that is used. The outer cover is made of bamboo, and the whole thing features a mesh base to keep you cool. This mattress provides you with a medium-firm response, which is slightly firmer than the Koala (firmness level of 6.5). The memory foam provides a similar all embracing sinking in feeling to what you get with the Koala mattress. 

The foam that you find inside the Lazybed mattress is a combination of high density supportive foam and Davina foam. Side sleepers preferred to sleep on the Lazybed than the Koala due to the pressure point relieving effects of the Davina foam mattress. People who prefer to sleep on their back are less likely to find this mattress comfortable. That’s because, rather than k[lifting up to provide spinal support, the Davina foam hugs into the body. This mattress is not really supportive enough to provide for the needs of people who have chronic back problems. 

People who sleep on their stomach will generally find the level of support that they get with the Lazybed mattress supports them well throughout the night. 

The Lazybed does nor provide a lot of support when you sit on the edges of the bed. That is a typical feature of foam mattresses because they lack spring support. This may make it tricky for people with back or hip issues to get off the bed. 

An area where this mattress does well is minimizing motion transfer. Partners will have no problem with interruptions if their mate moves around throughout the night. If you’re used to sleeping on a  spring mattress, you will notice quite a dramatic difference when you upgrade to the Lazybed. 

Service Comparison

Both the Koala and the Lazybed come with a free trial period. When you buy the Koala, you get 120 nights to try the mattress out, while the Lazybed provides you with 125 nights. The warranty on the Koala is 10 years, whereas the Lazybed adds a third again to give you 15 years of protection. Both companies offer free shipping and free returns. 

Our Verdict

Both the Koala and the Laybed provide you with a medium-firm foam mattress that is responsive and comfortable. If you are a side sleeper, we recommend going with the Lazybed, whereas stomach and back sleepers will probably be more comfortable with the Koala. If we had to pick between the two, we would go with the .

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