Koala Vs Onebed Mattress

Koala Vs Onebed Mattress

Koala Vs Onebed Mattress

Koala Mattress Review

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Koala is one of the most popular mattress brands in Australia. They were one of the first companies that made it to the top and revolutionized the mattress industry. They offer great customer satisfaction but will they be able to maintain their reputation as the best?


The Onebed mattress is a foam mattress that features a Dunlop latex, the material of supreme quality. They have good customer feedback and offer great prices compared to its competitors. While not being as popular, they shouldn’t be overlooked.

Based on our research, the reviews and careful comparison, we recommend Koala from the two. 

Koala’s Support

Koala memory foam mattresses offer great supportiveness and when compared to other competitive brands, they perform well. The use of materials provides a comfortable base and flexibility when it comes to aligning the spine.

Koala designed a combination mattress that is made not to be too firm or too soft either. The unique Kloudcell foam that Koala uses is the combination of memory foam and latex. This makes the mattress breathable and cool as well as firm and the top layer ensures that the mattress is not saggy. 

Customers typically don’t address any issues with sagging over a short period of time and vouch that these mattresses are supportive, helping with good-quality sleep. 

Edge Support

The support around the edges in these mattresses is good. This is important in terms of further preventing sagging and falling towards the edge. It’s also crucial for those who tend to sit at the edge of the mattress.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests

Doing a bowling ball test is a great way of judging the firmness and support of the mattress. A good mattress shouldn’t let the bowling ball sink into it. The Koala performs well in this aspect and shows even support throughout. 

Koala’s Durability

From a financial perspective, it’s significant that the mattress is durable and stays comfortable for a long time. This makes the durability one of the key aspects the buyers should consider when picking their mattresses.  

The Koala mattresses stand the test of time and impress with good performance when it comes to their durability. It is reported that these mattresses will maintain their firmness and comfortability for 7-12 years for most sleepers. For those, who have a heavier build, this time might be reduced slightly.  

Koala’s Customer Reviews

When searching for a perfect mattress that is going to ensure the best sleep, everyone just wants to cut to the verdict. Will this mattress satisfy my expectations?

The answer is not easy to find just from browsing mattresses online, but customer reviews are a good starting point that can help you find out whether this mattress is worth looking into and see what people in Australia think about it. 

We’ve investigated the sleepers’ reports and analyzed the information online and most of them have reported that they are highly satisfied with this mattress. Even though everyone is different and the fact that others find this mattress comfortable won’t guarantee that you’ll be satisfied with it as well, it’s a good enough reason to take this mattress into further consideration. 

And if you’re still not convinced, Koala offers a 120-day trial period in which you can test the mattress and see whether it suits your needs.

Onebed’s Support

The supportiveness of these mattresses is pretty good. One of the strong benefits is that they manage to keep the hips and shoulders rested while still maintaining the aligned spine.  

It is a firm mattress made from memory foam. The main benefit of opting for a firmer mattress is relieving lower back pain since it provides solid support that prevents your back from sinking. 

However, there is such a thing as a too firm mattress. To prevent this, pick one that has a supportive body-shaping memory foam layer underneath and opt for medium-firm support if you’re not too sure. 

This mattress is suitable for both side sleepers, back sleepers and especially for those who feel they need some extra support. The latex comfort layer of this mattress gives a pleasant cushioning while helping to distribute the pressure and keeping your joints aligned. The latex also ensures coolness. 

Edge Support

The edge support of these mattresses is still competitive. This means that they do well supporting the edges of the mattress, which is especially useful if you like to sit at the edges but also just enhance the even support and prevent the mattress from falling towards the edges.  

Bowling Ball & Density Tests

One of the best ways of testing the firmness of the mattress while also giving you an idea of whether there’s any difference in firmness throughout the mattress is the bowling ball test.  To perform one, you simply set a bowling ball on your mattress and see whether the resistance is even or it sinks. These mattresses have done well during this test and should be able to support back sleepers or side sleepers. 

Onebed’s Durability

Durability is one of the crucial aspects to consider, especially when you are on a budget. But sometimes, the mattresses are aimed at making a higher profit and even if it was the best mattress at the beginning, its quality declines over time. 

With the data input on Onebed mattresses in terms of material quality, customer reviews, and craftsmanship, they show good durability and should remain high-quality and provide over 5 years of comfortable sleep for most users. For those with a heavier build, the mattress quality can start declining sooner. 

Onebed’s Customer Reviews

We are always looking for owner satisfaction to find out how this mattress performs and how satisfied Aussies are with it. Even though this doesn’t make it certain that this mattress is perfect for you, it is a good starting point and ensures that looking further into this mattress is worthwhile.

Onebed mattresses do very well in terms of the consumer’s satisfaction in comparison with similar competitive models. The positive mattress reviews indicate that you are less likely to be disappointed after the purchase. 

But if you need further encouragement, Onebed also offers 125-day trial period so you can test out whether this is the best mattress for you. And after the purchase, you’ll get a reassuring 15-year warranty. 

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