Koala Vs Eva Mattress

Koala Vs Eva Mattress

Koala Vs Eva Mattress

Koala Mattress Review

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Eva Review.

Made from premium materials featuring micro-coils, pocket springs and gel memory foam, this hybrid mattress receives praise from the experts and is relatively low-prized. It feels a bit firmer than a traditional foam mattress which can suit some sleepers but not others.


One of the most popular mattresses in Australia, the Koala has revolutionized the box mattress industry. Their mattresses offer a perfect balance between firm support and soft comfort. The customers have reported experiencing some of the most restful sleep using Koala mattress. 

Based on our reviews, careful comparisons and customer satisfaction, we recommend Eva out of these two. 

Eva’s Support

Having sufficient support is what can guarantee you a good night’s sleep and these mattresses show that they can provide excellent support. While that doesn’t mean that the mattress has to be too firm. A good supportive mattress can be also medium or soft in firmness. The main expectation it has to meet is that it will keep the spine aligned and doesn’t cause curvature in your body or back pain. And Eva mattresses tick those boxes. 

It is one of the first types of mattresses that uses memory foam with micro foil and pocket springs in combination. Other excellent features are breathability, minimisation of partner disturbance, adaptiveness and the cooling top layer. 

Edge Support

The edge support is one of the features that prevents sagging and falling towards the edge. This is perfect for those who like to sit at the edge of the mattress. These mattresses are great at keeping the edges of your mattress comfortable.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests

One of the popular ways of how to test the mattress is placing a bowling ball on the surface. It is important to find out whether the mattress will be able to support your whole body. During this test, a great mattress shouldn’t allow the bowling ball sink in. These mattresses show consistent density that will make you comfortable. 

Eva’s Durability

It’s not enough to find a mattress that will offer support and comfortability only when it’s new. Everyone wants a mattress that can stand the test of time. Unfortunately, with the current industry disruptions, the prices are driven lower and the products don’t last, changing the durability expectations and standards. 

Luckily, based on the current reviews, these mattresses should last a minimum of 7-12 years for most sleepers. If you want to find out whether the mattress is suitable for your particular build, you can test it out with a free 120-night trial and if you are not satisfied, there is a free return and a money-back guarantee too. For added convenience, there is a 5-hour delivery in major Australian cities and a reassuring 12-year warranty. 

Eva’s Customer Reviews

Everyone is different and the fact that other people are satisfied with this mattress doesn’t mean that it is the best mattress for you. However, it is a good way of finding out what other people love about it most and whether they discovered some shortcomings of the mattress that you want to go for. The data from the mattress reviews from the customer shows that people are pleased with these and experience a comfortable and restful sleep. 

Koala’s Support

Mattress support is the key feature that you should be looking for in order to assure a good night’s sleep as well as prevent back pain. The customer feedback confirms that this mattress performs well in this aspect and they describe it as supportive but still comfortable.

Koala mattress uses the 16cm Ecofoam base layer of a firm and springy foam on top of the 6cm Kloudcell layer. This is an innovative material that incorporates the open-cell system that ensures breathability and keeps your spine aligned regardless of your movement. 

Edge Support

The edge support in a mattress is important for those who like to sit around the edges, but also, it acts in order to prevent sagging of the mattress and falling towards the edges. This particular support of Koala mattress is good as well and there is not much contouring compared to the centre.

Bowling Ball & Density Tests

When the support isn’t even across the whole mattress, this can make it uncomfortable and cause problems with your back. Performing a bowling ball test, placing the ball on the surface of the mattress, does a good job of showing whether the distribution of the support is even. The Koala mattress performs well and shows balanced support throughout the mattress, making it comfortable. 

Koala’s Durability

When investing in a good-quality mattress, it is important that it will be able to last a long time. With the changing market and expectations, this is not always the case. The main aim is to find a mattress that will stay as good as new even after years of use.

The Koala mattresses show impressive durability while maintaining the same level of comfortability and support. According to the reviews and the reported data, these mattresses keep their firmness and qualities for 7-12 years for most sleepers. The purchase comes with a reassuring 10-year warranty and a 120-day free trial period that lets you test out whether this mattress is for you. 

Koala’s Customer Reviews

When searching for a perfect mattress for you, it can be useful to look at reviews from other customers to see what are the main selling points of the product and whether there are any shortcomings that got uncovered with time. 

According to the reports from the sleepers and the data that we found online, most of the customers are highly satisfied with this mattress. Even though that doesn’t mean that you will be satisfied too, it is a reassurance that this one is worth considering. 

Koala Pricing: 

Single – $780 ()

King Single – $950 ()

Double – $1,000 ()

Queen – $1,050 ()

King – $1,250 ()

Koala also offers Afterpay, zipPay and Openpay, meaning you could get your hands on a queen mattress for only $20.19 a week over 12 months with 0% interest.

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