Koala Sofa Bed Review: Best or Worst Sofa Bed?

Koala Sofa Bed Review: Best or Worst Sofa Bed?

Koala Sofa Bed Review: Best or Worst Sofa Bed?

Koala Sofa Bed review

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Koala is one of the biggest brands in Australia when it comes to mattresses.

But does their sofa bed live up to expectations?

To find out if it’s the best sofa bed on the market today, we gave it a test.

Here’s our Koala Sofa Bed review.

Key Takeaways

  • Easy assembly and transition from sofa to bed mode
  • Firm and supportive feel in both sofa and bed mode
  • Versatile and practical product available in 3 sizes and 4 colours
  • 120-night trial period and a 5-year warranty for peace of mind

Is the Koala Sofa Bed Worth It?

The simple answer is an overwhelming yes. 

This award-winning sofa bed has received rave reviews from us and from customers and offers a versatile solution for both seating and sleeping needs. 

It modernises the look of sofa beds, giving you a sofa that you wouldn’t even be able to tell is also a bed. 

As for comfort, we were pleasantly surprised. It offered a good night’s sleep and the different sizing options ensure that you have as much space as you need. 

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We’ll go into more detail below.


  • Versatile design that easily converts from a sofa to a bed
  • Comfortable material for both sitting and sleeping
  • Fast and flexible delivery options are available
  • Try it at home for up to 120 nights with free returns in metro areas
  • Comes with a generous five-year warranty


  • Covers are not recommended to be removed for washing

Product Specs:

  • Size options: 3-Seater (Queen), 2.5-Seater (Double), 1.5-Seater (Single)
  • Great reviews with a rating of 4.6 out of 5
  • Interest-free finance available
  • Easy to assemble with no tools required


The design of the Koala Sofa Bed, with its chunky yet sleek appearance and choice of four neutral colours, adds a touch of sophistication to any lounge room.

The sofa bed has stylish aesthetics that blend seamlessly with modern or traditional decor. Its thick arms and sturdy frame give it an appealing look.

In terms of durability and stability, the Koala Sofa Bed exceeds expectations.

Made with high-quality materials and designed by Koala in Sydney, this sofa bed is built to last. 

It provides a firm and supportive feel both as a sofa and a bed, ensuring comfort for you or your guests.

The mattress of the Koala Sofa Bed is a dual-layered polyurethane foam that is covered in a stiff but comfortable Dacron fabric. 

The mattress body is made up of three folding parts; when folded together, they make up the sofa’s cushion, and when unfolded, it turns into your sleeping abode.

When unfolded, you’ll be able to spot tiny blobs on the top mattress surface that keep the three-piece body of the sofa from slipping when you use it as a sofa.

The material quality of the Koala Sofa Bed is evident in its soft touch fabric covering and non-slip cover. 

The CertiPUR-US certified polyurethane foam used in its construction ensures that it maintains its shape over time without sagging or deforming.

Overall, the sofa bed’s design is intelligent and can adjust pretty much anywhere in the house.

Considering all these factors, the Koala Sofa Bed offers excellent value for money. 

Is it Easy to Assemble?

When it comes to assembly, the Koala Sofa Bed is incredibly easy to put together. 

The sofa bed arrives in five separate pieces that can be easily assembled. 

However, assembling the queen size would require having at least one person to assist you with it. Still, the assembling process is fairly simple. 

You don’t need a drill to punch screw holes or a wrench to tighten any bolts, so it’s a completely tool-free exercise.

Decide where you want to place the furniture and join the 12mm plywood baseboards with the connector. 

Now, fix the arms and backrest in the designated space on the boards. Then, secure them in place with the large screws that come with the package.

The last step is easy but requires you to carefully align the “Velcro” or “magic strips” of both the mattress and the wooden base to put together the final piece of the puzzle. 

Congrats! Your Koala Sofa Bed is ready.

And, good news: if you ever need to move home, you can disassemble the bed with the same ease!

The assembly process is quick and hassle-free, allowing you to enjoy your new sofa bed in no time.

Comfort and Cosiness

The mattress, made of dual-layer polyurethane foam, offers a good balance of support and softness. 

Its non-skid surface ensures that your sheets stay in place throughout the night, giving you uninterrupted sleep.

One thing we did notice was that the edge support of the mattress did sink slightly. 

This only affected the corners of the bed and right next to the armrest of the sofa, so it shouldn’t be too much of an issue. 

The sofa does very well in accommodating people with its extended depth. 

For example, the queen-size lets three people sit together quite comfortably. Moreover, its backrest is sturdy and provides excellent support and comfort.

You don’t have just take our word for it, customer reviews rave about the luxurious cosiness of this sofa bed, with many praising its ability to provide a restful sleep experience.

Not only is it comfortable, but it’s also easy to clean with regular care and spot-cleaning instructions provided.

Range of Colours and Sizes

The Koala Sofa Bed offers a variety of colour options to suit your personal style and complement any interior. 

Whether you prefer a classic neutral tone or want to add a pop of colour to your living space, there’s a shade for everyone.

With four different colours to choose from, you can easily find the perfect match for your existing decor.

In addition to the array of colour choices, the Koala Sofa Bed also comes in three different sizes. 

From the compact 1.5 seater (single mattress) for cozy apartments, the 2.5 seater (double mattress) is suitable for most, to the spacious 3 seater (queen mattress) for larger living rooms.

This versatility allows you to customise your sofa bed according to your space requirements and preferences.

Say goodbye to sacrificing style for comfort and say hello to the perfect combination of both with the Koala Sofa Bed.

Delivery in Australia

The delivery process in Australia is efficient and reliable, ensuring that your chosen Koala Sofa Bed will arrive promptly at your doorstep. 

Koala offers various delivery options to cater to different customer needs.

Standard shipping is free of charge, allowing you to save on additional fees. If you’re in a hurry to receive your sofa bed, there’s also an express delivery option available for a small fee.

Delivery time varies depending on your location within Australia. 

Typically, it takes around 2-7 business days for your Koala Sofa Bed to be delivered. 

In select metro areas, Koala even offers delivery within four hours, allowing you to enjoy your new furniture without any delay.

The company provides a tracking number so you can easily monitor the progress of your package online. This feature allows you to have peace of mind knowing exactly when your new sofa bed will arrive.

Customer reviews indicate high satisfaction with the delivery service provided by Koala.

Many customers praise the promptness and professionalism of the delivery team. They appreciate the seamless tracking system that keeps them informed throughout the entire process.

With Koala’s efficient delivery process and positive customer feedback, you can trust that the sofa beds will be delivered safely and on time.

Transformation from Sofa to Bed

Imagine effortlessly transforming your living space with a stylish and practical solution that seamlessly transitions from a comfortable sofa to a cozy bed.

The Koala Sofa Bed is designed to make this transformation process incredibly easy and hassle-free.

With its innovative design, you can quickly go from sofa mode into a bed in just seconds, allowing you to effortlessly accommodate overnight guests or create extra sleeping space.

The sturdy and durable construction ensures that the sofa bed will last for years to come, providing you with both comfort and functionality.

Customer reviews of the Koala Sofa Bed highlight its ease of use and satisfaction. 

Many customers have expressed their delight in how smooth and effortless the transformation process is, making it a convenient option for those who frequently host guests or want to maximize their living space.

In comparison with other sofa beds on the market, the Koala Sofa Bed stands out for its quality materials, stylish design, and versatile functionality.

Overall, if you’re looking for a sofa bed that offers convenience, durability, and style all in one package, the Koala Sofa Bed is a top-rated sofa bed.

Its easy assembly process, long-lasting durability, seamless transition from sofa to bed, positive customer reviews, and superior quality make it stand out among other options on the market.

Whether you’re hosting guests or simply want to create an additional sleeping space in your home without compromising on style or comfort – this versatile piece of furniture has got you covered.

Final Thoughts

With its sleek and modern design, it effortlessly blends into any modern decor style. Not only does it look great, but it also provides comfort and coziness.

The firm and supportive feel ensures a restful sleep for both guests and homeowners alike.

One of the standout features of the Koala Sofa Bed is the range of colours and sizes available. 

Delivery in Australia is a breeze with easy assembly options available. You can have your new sofa bed delivered straight to your door, ready to be enjoyed in no time.

The transformation from sofa to bed is seamless and effortless. In just seconds, you can convert this stylish piece of furniture into a cozy place to sleep.

Overall, the Koala Sofa Bed offers both style and functionality in one package and is the best sofa bed in its price category.

With its 120-night trial period and a five-year warranty, knowing that you’re getting a high-quality product.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the finance options available?

You have multiple finance options available when purchasing the Koala Sofa Bed. You can choose from Afterpay or Zip Money for convenient payment plans. These financing alternatives make the sofa bed’s affordability even more accessible.

Can the Koala Sofa Bed be used outdoors?

The Koala sofa bed is not designed for outdoor use. It lacks the necessary outdoor durability and weather resistance. For outdoor furniture options, consider pieces specifically designed for outdoor use, which offer benefits such as enhanced weather resistance and easy maintenance.

How do I care for and clean the Koala Sofa Bed?

To care for and clean your Koala sofa bed, follow this cleaning method: regularly spot clean with a mild detergent and warm water. For stubborn stains, use a fabric cleaner. Avoid using bleach or harsh chemicals. Vacuum regularly to remove any debris. Flip and rotate cushions regularly for even wear. Use a mattress protector to prevent stains and normal daily wear.

Are replacement parts available for sofa beds?

Replacement parts for the Koala Sofa Bed are available for purchase. The availability, pricing, and compatibility of these parts can vary, so it’s best to check with the manufacturer. Shipping options are typically provided, and customer reviews can provide insight into their experiences with replacement parts.

Is the Koala Sofa Bed made with environmentally friendly materials?

Yes, the Koala Sofa Bed is made with environmentally friendly materials. It uses sustainable and eco-friendly construction methods, minimizing its environmental impact. This makes it a great choice for those looking for green manufacturing and sustainable furniture options.

Can I choose a different fabric covering for the Koala Sofa Bed?

Yes, you have the option to choose from different fabric coverings for the Koala Sofa Bed. The customization choices allow you to personalize the upholstery according to your preferences. The fabric selection process offers alternative coverings in various colours and textures.

How long does it take for delivery in non-metro areas of Australia?

The Koala Sofa Bed typically takes 3-7 business days for delivery in non-metro areas of Australia. Shipping is free and the assembly process is easy. Customers rave about the fast delivery, quality materials, and 5-year warranty coverage.

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