Harvey Norman’s Best Mattresses

Harvey Norman’s Best Mattresses

Harvey Norman’s Best Mattresses


As one of Australia’s most well-known, influential brands, there’s a good chance that Harvey Norman is your one-stop for everything from electrical, entertainment, computers and more.

When it comes to mattresses, however, Harvey Norman’s range stands out above the rest for stocking a range of beds for every budget, almost every sleeping style along with plenty of mattress materials to choose from.

If you’ve been on the fence about a new mattress, or aren’t sure where to look to get an affordable, reliable mattress, then Harvey Norman should be your first stop. There’s something for everyone, and plenty of after-sales support to help you rest assured you have help when you need it.

Take a look below at the best mattresses available from Harvey Norman.

The Best High End Mattresses

Harvey Norman’s higher-end mattresses offer some of the best sleeping experiences on the market, with the company stocking beds from industry leaders. 

Coming in at around $5,000 for Queen sizes might be a little too much to stomach for most, though if you have the budget, these beds are unmatched.

Tempur Luna Supreme Cloud Soft — $6699

An ultra-soft mattress from Tempur, the Luna Supreme Cloud Soft is the ideal mattress for those who love to sink just a little into their bed. 

With CoolTouch features, the bed will keep cool throughout the night and expel heat to ensure you’re not feeling trapped in a heat sink as you sleep. 

Rated for excellent spinal support, build quality and partner disturbance prevention, the Luna Supreme is the ideal bed for anyone partial to soft, cool mattresses. 

Tempur Luna Supreme Sensation Medium — $6699

Similar to the Cloud Soft above, the Sensation by Tempur is a variant that’s just a little firmer. It has a medium firmness, as the name suggests, and is still soft enough to contour to the body to reduce pressure point pain. 

Unlike all-foam mattresses, the Sensation expands quite quickly, so there’s little to worry about when it comes to rolling into an indentation made by you or a partner as you sleep. 

CoolTouch tech is present here too, keeping the mattress nice and fresh-feeling as you sleep throughout the night. 

Again, Tempur’s famous focus on sleep quality shines through here, keeping your spinal alignment in check. 

Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Oslo Firm — $2999

The higher-end mattress for those sleepers who have a liking for a good, firm mattress, will love the Elevate Oslo. It’s a little firmer than most, and that makes it ideal for tummy and back sleeping. 

There’s an AlignSupport coil system present in here that keeps the back in alignment as you sleep, along with SmarTex moisture-wicking fabrics that make sure you’re not sleeping on a damp bed. 

Although the primary focus of this mattress is firmness, there is still an ultra-soft memory foam layer making an appearance to keep you nice and comfortable. 

One poorly performing part of this mattress is its lack of reasonable partner disturbance control. Being so firm, it does tend to share movement quite easily. 

Sleepmaker Arizona Deluxe Medium — $4699 

Arguably one of the more luxurious feeling mattresses available at Harvey Norman is the Arizona Deluxe by Sleepmaker. The bed is a tad firmer than most and falls at around a 6.5 on the firmness scale. 

As expected, it scores top marks for spinal support, comfort, partner disturbance and more. 

Some high-tech materials are making an appearance in this bed too, with Graphene and Fusion Gel coming together to keep things ultra-cool and ultra-plush when you first lie down. 

Sleepmaker’s use of Kulkote is also integrated here to keep the mattress temperature stable, and a 5-zone coil spring set up keeps you comfortable no matter how you like to sleep. 

Honourable Mentions

A few other standout mattresses in Harvey Norman’s high-end include the following:

Sleepmaker MicraCoil Orientate Medium — designed for maximum comfort and support and features ‘staggered’ or ‘non-stable’ support for sleepers who sleep in the foetal position.

Sleepmaker MicraCoil Orientate Plush — the softer and more plush variant to the Medium, the MicraCoul Plush is the ultimate high-end mattress for side sleepers who need a tonne of sinkage for pressure relief.

Sleepmarker Alaska Firm — when firmness trumps all else, the Alaska Firm is the ideal solution. With a high firmness level, back and tummy sleepers will have their spine kept in check and see no major pain-causing sinkage.

Sealy Posturepedic Exquisite Vienna Ultra Plush — an allrounder, the Vienna Ultra Plush provides optimal back support, plenty of sinkage, good cooling tech and a design that ensures pressure relief doesn’t overpower spinal alignment.

The Best Mid-range Mattresses

With a tonne of higher-end, more expensive mattresses, it’s good to note that there are also plenty of more affordable mid-range ones on offer at Harvey Norman too. Coming in at under $2000 these mattresses pack a load of features and will help you get a good night’s sleep without breaking the bank.

King Coil Conforma Essence Plush — $1399

The winner overall in the mid-range is the Conforma Essence by King Coil. The plush variant adds some extra softness and makes it a whole lot easier to get to sleep if you’re dealing with back pain or any other issues.

Scoring top points for spinal support, build quality and partner disturbance, the Essence Plush is excellent for anyone looking to get a good night’s sleep on a mattress that’s too firm or soft.

There’s a pocket spring core here for added support, though the upper, quilted layers give that great sinking feeling.

In all, the King Coil Conforma Essence Plush is close to the best mid-range mattress from Harvey Norman.

King Coil Conforma Essence Firm — $999

At under $1,000, the Essence Firm is aptly the firmer of the Plush above. It offers the same internal layout, but with just a tad firmer interior materials to help those partial to a more rigid bed get a good night’s sleep.

This is your ultimate mattress if you’re a back sleeper and don’t like to see your hips dip too far into the bed.

It might not be the most comfortable variant for side sleepers though, so keep this in mind if you often sleep on your side.

Sleepmaker Cirque II — $599

Coming in at just $599, the Cirque II does feel a little cheap when compared to the other mattresses on our list. It’s a pocket-spring-based mattress, which is suitable for back support though reviews have mentioned that the springs do feel a little flimsy.

There is Dunlop foam integrated into the Cirque II though, which adds a little added softness and support where you need it.

Duracoil springs are also included here, which work to give your spine even support across the mattress, though, again, they can be a little flimsy.

Sleepmarker Dakota Medium — $1499

A little higher in price, the Dakota Medium is an excellent allrounder for under $2000, and from reviews, there’s a lot to like about the Dakota.

The mattress seems to have hit that perfect balance between comfort, support and build quality for a great price. You’ll notice there’s enough sinkage here to offer a little body contouring, though, with an inner foam layer, there’s also plenty of support too.

As there are two layers of foam on the inside of this mattress, you’ll notice that over time your body will begin to sink as the foam warms up during the night. This is a great perk if you’re someone who suffers from pain around the pressure points.

Scoring high across the board, the Dakota Medium is a great buy for just about all customers looking for a new mattress.


With so many mattresses on offer, there is still a tonne available that might make the cut for you if the beds above don’t. Take a look at some more of the mattresses offered by Harvey Norman below.

King Koil Platinum Posture Bellagio II Medium — ideal for combination sleepers and anyone who has an issue with partner disturbance. The mattress is excellent at minimising movement and keeping the spine in alignment to boot.

King Koil Platinum Posture Bellagio Firm — a firmer variant than the previous, the Bellagio firm offers all the same great features, though with a design that’s a little more firm to satisfy back sleepers.

King Koil Chiro Valor Medium — with a plush top layer, the Valor’s Medium firmness is a welcome addition when things get a little too soft on the top. Partner disturbance here is minimal, so if you’re prone to waking up when a co-sleeper moves, you might want to try a different bed.

King Koil Chiro Superb Plush — praised for its fantastic build quality, the Superb Plush is a great mattress for those partial to softness. You’ll be well on your way to a decade or more with this mattress, and being plush-medium, it’s a great middle-ground for side and back sleepers.

Tempur Luna Supreme — anyone looking for an ultra-firm mattress should like no further than the Luna Supreme. Reviewers online have touted that it is quite hard and dense, which is sufficient for anyone who sleeps on their back; however, side sleepers beware here.

Sealy Posturepedic Elevate Ultra Geneva Medium — the flexibility of the Geneva Medium means it can be used in versatile bed frames. The mattress is also exceptionally comfortable in that there are multiple layers of proprietary material, giving you support, plushness as well as movement isolation.

Beautyrest Black Georgia — coming in firm, medium and plush variants, the Black Georgia is a well-built mattress designed with Aircool technology to ensure the bed remains well-ventilated and cool during the night. There’s a memory foam core here too, so you’ll be getting a reliving sinking feeling as your weight is taken off pressure points as you sleep.

King Koil Platinum Posture Bellagio Plush — one of the costliest mattresses on our list, the Bellagio Plush is an ultra-soft mattress that places softness and sinkage above all else. So soft in fact, you may be giving up a little spinal support if you’re a back sleeper, though side sleepers will love the Bellagio Plush.

The Takeaway

From our list above, it’s not hard to see that there’s a mattress for just about everyone, their budget and their sleep style at Harvey Norman. With ultra-high-end, feature-packed beds down to affordable no-frills products, you’ll be on your way to a good night’s sleep in no time at Harvey Norman.

Be sure to take a look at some of the reviews on our website for a little more information and detailed insights into what it’s like to sleep on Harvey Norman’s industry-leading mattresses.

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