Coffee Statistics 2023

Coffee Statistics 2023

Coffee Statistics 2023

At this point, it seems coffee is woven into the very fabric of Australia. Along with beautiful weather, friendly faces, and breathtaking coastal sunrises, Australians get to start their day with none other than their famous and equally delicious coffee.

If you are going on taste alone, you will have all you need to know about coffee- it tastes great and the best way to jump-start your day. In this article, we will provide coffee statistics to answer any questions you might have. If you want some numbers to back up your thinking- or just some info about coffee- look no further as we break down the facts.

How Much Coffee Are Australians Drinking?

An estimated 23% of the 19 million coffee-drinking Australians use it as a caffeine boost on their daily commute, taking their cups on the road to get through the morning or afternoon lull. A significant amount of the coffee market in Australia is instant coffee. People are generally quite busy with all they have to do in the morning, which makes brewing coffee at home more convenient than waiting in line at a shop.

The amount of money saved by not ordering out is an added positive for coffee lovers who do not want to break the bank. Instant coffee takes up about 75% of the country’s market consumption, making it a popular option for most Australian coffee drinkers.

Takeaway or Stay In?

Even though at-home coffee is a popular option for many Australians, that is not to say that coffee shops are hard to come by. There are an estimated 20,000 coffee shops in Australia, according to an IBIS World report done in 2019.

How Much Does Coffee Cost in Australia?

27% of the total amount of coffee sold from coffee shops were lattes. Through a survey, Square discovered that the average price for a regular cup of coffee in Australia was $4.00. Few places in the world can compete with those low prices.

Where Can You Get Coffee in Australia?

The majority of these coffee shops are not enormous powerhouse companies. As it turns out, 95% of all coffee shops in Australia are independent. So if you are ever in the mood to support a local business or want the cosiness of a small shop, look no further.

How Much Do Australians Pay for Coffee?

In case you were wondering, New South Wales is the state with the lowest prices for coffee in Australia. The coffee here is $3.92 and the coffee in the most expensive state is $4.80 for a regular hot coffee.

Although these hot coffee prices are quite low when compared to other nations, the cold coffee in Australia is more on par with an outsider’s “normal”. Iced coffee around the country of Australia averages $5 a cup- before adding all of the great syrups and creamers we all know and love.

What Kind of Coffee Does Australia Prefer?

Traditional long black coffee is the most reported on coffee when it comes to takeaway, but there are so many other great options for flavours, especially the way Australians like it. The most popular coffees in the country are (in order of popularity): latte, flat white, cappuccino, long black, and espresso. 27% of orders are for lattes, 25% are flat white, 20% are for cappuccinos, 8% are long black, and 6% are espresso.

The type of milk used in coffee is arguably as important as the flavouring. Milk alternatives have gained more popularity in the past decade as the world’s younger generation becomes more health-conscious and more aware of their environmental footprint. The most popular milk alternatives are almond milk, soy milk, oat milk, and coconut milk. 

Caffeine Levels in Popular Australian Drinks

It seems that tea and coffee have been direct competitors since they were invented. The caffeine from both options is comparable with black coffee containing 64 mg per fl oz and black tea 47mg-90mg of caffeine per 237 ml.

What Age Drinks the Most Coffee in Australia? 

Recent data collected by Statista reports that 21.6% of individuals between the ages of 55- 64 drink coffee. 20.4% of people between the ages of 45- 55 consume coffee. An estimated 23.3% of people between the ages of 35-44 report they drink coffee.

And surprisingly, just 10% of 18-24 year-olds have a cup of coffee regularly. These statistics are quite a bit lower than in other countries such as the United States, where coffee consumption is much more prominent.

Negatives of Caffeine

Although people drink tea and coffee for their caffeine contents, consumers of both should be aware of the negatives. Having a caffeinated beverage should be reserved for earlier in the day if possible. Coffee, tea, and other caffeinated drinks right before bed could raise your heart rate, keeping you from relaxing enough to fall asleep. 

What Time Do Most Australians Drink Coffee? 

Peak coffee sales come in (you guessed it) the morning. Square reported that the peak of coffee sales occurs around 8 a.m. This timing varies, of course, with other areas of Australia even one state over could have their peak up to an hour and a half later. At this time of day, you can expect to run into long lines at local cafes and international coffee chains.

Final thoughts

People worldwide agree that coffee is a great way to kick off a busy morning. Coffee in Australia is no different. It can provide a much-needed jolt to get anyone through a mid-day slump.

With the vast variety of flavours available and the many café options, coffee lovers can get their much-needed boost exactly how they like it. Just be careful not to overdo it so you don’t lose out on some much needed rest. 

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