Bonnell Spring Mattresses

Bonnell Spring Mattresses

Bonnell Spring Mattresses

The difference between a superior and a so-so mattress often comes down to the type of coil that is used. Bonnell coils are the oldest and most commonly used in mattresses. They were first adapted from buggy seat springs produced in the 1800s. 

The Bonnell spring features the classic figure eight spring design. Over the last century and a half it has proven its effectiveness. The hourglass round shape of the spring delivers a good deal of responsiveness.

Bonnell springs are tied together to form a mat around helical cross wires. These connect each spring coil to the spring unit. The spring unit is completed with four millimeter diameter edge wire and edge wire support clips. This support prevents the mattresses edges from collapsing when you are sitting on the edge of the bed.

Bonnell spring units are noted for compressing easily at first. However, the more you compress them, the firmer it becomes. The result of this feature is that mattresses that are fitted with Bonnell springs provide you with a good mixture between softness and firmness.

Another impressive feature of Bonnell springs is that they are very durable. In fact, these coil springs are virtually indestructible. They are, as a result, able to be recycled, which makes them very environmentally friendly. 

On the downside, Bonnell springs are best suited to a single person sleeping situation. This is because they are unable to prevent partner disturbance. However, they are often used in two person sleep mattresses. It has also been noted that the Bonnell spring system is not as effective as newer mattress technologies at preventing pressure point discomfort. 

The Bonnell spring manufacture process begins with the heating of the steel wire to allow it to be bent into the desired shape. Once the hourglass shape has been achieved, the individual springs are interlocked. The spring system is then packed into the mattress and surrounded with cotton, wool and/or foam.

Bonnell springs comprise the lower level of a mattress. On top the springs sits layers of foam, cotton or wool, depending on the brand of mattress.

Bonnell Spring Alternatives

There are a large number of alternatives to Bonnell springs. Five of the most common are:


Bamboo mattresses feature a foam layer that has been infused with a bamboo charcoal substance. This provides added flexibility and coolness to the mattress. Bamboo is highly regarded for its all natural properties and this aspect is highly promoted in many bamboo mattresses. It should be noted, however, that bamboo infused mattresses still make use of polyurethane. This produces gases which may be toxic.


Tempur is a type of memory foam that was introduced in the 1990s. It is made by the company Tempur-pedic. The company developed the technology behind memory foam when working on a contract for NASA. They, therefore, possess the worldwide patents for memory foam.

The range of mattresses offered by Tempur-pedic runs across all firmness levels. Memory foam variants are used by a large number of mattress manufacturers around the world. 

Open Coil

The open coil mattress is more commonly referred to as an innerspring mattress. It features a system of coils that are interconnected inside of a metal mesh. This type of spring system provides an even level of distribution. However, it’s not that effective at relieving pressure point discomfort. 


Latex is a material that is made from rubber gumtree sap. It has gained popularity as a replacement to less eco friendly materials. Once the sap has been extracted from the rubber, it is treated to produce a foamy consistency. The level of density of the foam can be adjusted through the manufacture process.

Mattress foam latex material is appreciated for being more bouncy and responsive than other mattress materials. The popularity of latex foam mattresses has skyrocketed in recent years due to the focus on eco friendliness. If you are wanting a more eco friendly mattress, latex is definitely a good option. However, you should check before buying whether the latex has been blended with memory foam.


Coir mattresses are made from the husks of the coconut shell. These fibers are incorporated into the mid and upper layers of the mattress. The level of responsiveness depends on how densely the coir material is added. Coir is another extremely eco friendly material. As with latex, however, they may also have non-eco friendly components added to them.

Pillow Top

Pillow Top mattresses consist of an upper level of soft material that covers the surface. This gives you an extremely comfortable sleeping surface that feels almost cloud-like. The pillow top material may be made from a variety of sources. Among the most common are memory foam, goose down, wool and latex. 

Most pillow top mattresses will have an innerspring layer. While the pillow top will provide a plush surface, it should be noted that it is the quality of the inner material that will determine the overall quality of the mattress. 

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