Best TV Beds

Best TV Beds

Best TV Beds

When the weekend rolls around, there’s nothing as soothing and luxurious as gathering with your beloved for a movie marathon in front of one of our state-of-the-art TV beds. Enjoy snuggling close together and cuddle up comfortably beneath warm blankets to watch your favorite films.

Sure, a TV bed may not be an essential purchase. But why shouldn’t you treat yourself every once in a while? Plus, you don’t always need to choose the top-of-the-line hi-tech lift mechanism; there are lots of more affordable options available on the market that will do just fine!

With TV beds being a rare commodity, deciding which product to purchase could be challenging. So, experts have researched and compiled two TV bed frames that offer an ideal balance between style and comfort without breaking your budget.

Best TV Beds Review

1. New North Shores TV Lift

This product is the perfect fit if you are searching for a TV bed frame that can be tailored to your needs. It boasts an exquisite upholstered exterior and sturdy construction, and its integrated TV lift grants any room an extra level of class. Invest in this one-of-a-kind piece today and make all your bedroom dreams come true!

The upholstered deep buttoned bed frame will catch your attention. The seller displays all-white upholstery with accompanying bedroom furniture, yet you can easily reach out and ask for different colors of fabric and wood frames!

Not only does the package not include traditional furniture such as a mattress, bed storage compartment, or chest, but the seller is also willing to build custom pieces at an affordable price. Plus, you can get electrically adjustable beds, too, if desired, for ultimate convenience!

For a superior slumber, opt for their natural latex and memory foam mattresses when getting a TV bed. Every mattress is produced from top-grade materials to stand up against dust and bacteria – precisely what you need now!

For those looking to save a little money, double beds are the ideal size. But if you’re searching for more breathing space in your bed for two, king-sized TV beds may be just what you need! The range of sizes available makes it easy to find one that meets all your needs and fits perfectly into any budget.

With the high cost of this product, one would expect a more extended trial period. So don’t hesitate to get in touch and request a refund today! Thankfully, the seller stands by their 28-night comfort guarantee and will accept any returns if you are unsatisfied with your purchase.

Aside from that, it is difficult to find a fault in the TV beds available from this store.


  • Custom sizes and colors are available.
  • In pristine condition
  • Obtainable in various sizes
  • Fashionable upholstered headboard and bed frame


  • Pricey 

2. New TV Bed

If the last option doesn’t fit within your financial means, here’s a TV bed frame at an even more competitive rate. However, the extras come with a price. This seller has sizes that can accommodate everyone and offers quality you won’t find elsewhere.

If you’re searching for an elegant, comfortable, and luxurious TV bed that can be raised with a button and won’t break your budget, this is undoubtedly your ideal option.

Be assured that you will always have quality with this Australian-made TV bed, as it is constructed from only the finest local materials. You’ll particularly enjoy being able to adjust the slat to accommodate whichever mattress size and the weight you choose.

Although affordable, you can tailor this television bed to your style and requirements. You can customize everything from the upholstery, wooden frame, or even mattress size for a fraction of what most beds cost!

To top it off, the seller provides door-to-door delivery, unbeatable customer service, and a 28-night comfort guarantee with an effortless return policy across Australia. This proves their commitment to delivering unparalleled service to every one of their customers.

This option might be better if you seek a comprehensive solution for your bedroom. The retailer needs to provide details regarding bed mattresses and other furniture items such as foot end, ottoman storage, side table, etc. While they advertise an expansive selection of TV beds, you must source additional accessories elsewhere.


  • Cost-effective
  • Adaptable TV beds
  • regionally produced
  • Simple returns, trials, and shipping


  • There are no available bedroom accents


But why not consider purchasing a TV lift and constructing your bed? This is an ideal solution for those looking for something unique and special! The link at the bottom leads to Amazon, where you can find it available with over 100 highly rated reviews from customers who have crafted their version.


Are TV Beds A Good Idea?

While a TV bed isn’t necessary, keeping up with the latest tech trends is fun. That’s why a media bed with an integrated television is perfect for lazy days! It offers the convenience of watching shows and movies without leaving your comfy spot in bed.

What Can Size TV Go In A TV Bed?

When purchasing a TV bed, make sure to double-check the measurements of your television. Typical models can support TVs that measure between 26 and 40 inches in width; if yours is more significant than this size, look into getting an appropriately sized TV bed before making your purchase.

For any extra compartments in need of added storage? No worries – contact the company’s number, and they’ll give you all the details needed! If you’re looking for more precise measurements of the TV compartment, check out the product description page.

What Size Is A Super King-Size Bed?

Within the world of TV beds, super king-size is the most spacious size you can find. These mattresses measure 203 cm x 203 cm; however, there may be some variation across different brands.

Do TV Beds Come With A TV And Mattress?

Not necessarily. A TV bed is simply a regular bed frame with an attached headboard, and if requested, some brands offer the right mattress that fits perfectly in it.

Final Words

Look no further than a TV bed if you want a luxurious and convenient TV setup. This piece of furniture doesn’t require any extra construction or additional furniture to make it work – plus, if you’re feeling particularly indulgent, why not get one with its remote control that allows you to raise and lower the television at your leisure?

Far beyond offering unparalleled comfort and stunning style, some premium TV bed designs feature storage space for gaming consoles, Bluetooth speakers, and DVD players – a real boon to any film connoisseur or avid gamer! Not only do they provide durability and style, but they also make great use of tight spaces.

You will indeed have an unforgettable sleepover with the fantastic TV beds above! Pick your favorite and get ready for a night full of fun.

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