Best Mattresses Under $1,000 in Australia

Best Mattresses Under $1,000 in Australia

Best Mattresses Under $1,000 in Australia

Just like most household purchases, the price of a mattress impacts our buying decisions.

You get countless options to choose from even if you are on a tight budget, which can make things a bit confusing.

To avoid this confusion, it’s good to define a budget, which helps you narrow down the options and choose the mattress that best fits your choice and pocket.

With this guide, we aim to highlight the five best mattresses under $1000 in Australia and make your mattress purchase easy!

Our Reviews of the Best Mattresses under $1,000 in Australia

  1. Onebed Original – Editor’s Choice!

Notable Features:

  • Customizable firmness option for exceptional comfort and satisfaction.
  • Prompt response to applied pressure, making it perfect for active sleepers.
  • Removable cover for easy washing.


Why do we think Onebed deserves the top spot among the best mattress under $1,000 in Australia? Because it beats its competitors in quality and customization. Let’s look at its customizability first.

If you didn’t know, Onebed is an entirely customizable mattress and sleepers can determine the configuration of layers to match their desired comfort level.

For example, we tried achieving a medium-firm feel and placed the resilient latex layer on top. We came to know that this setting works perfectly for people who sleep on their backs.

However, you can try putting the comfort foam layer on top and get a more medium feel. Or, you can enjoy a firm support and sleep on the high-density base layer by flipping the mattress.

Next, let’s talk about Onebed’s impressive construction quality.

At first glance, you’ll be amazed by its sturdy and rigid build because most under-1000$ mattresses fail to achieve this strength. What further blows your mind is its 15-year warranty, which is very unusual in this price range, making it the top choice for budget shoppers!

Overall, Onebed’s durability and adjustability can cater to a wide range of sleepers and give you the best value for your money.


  • Option to swap layers as per your desired comfort and temperature. (Hot sleepers can choose latex as the top layer);
  • Comes with a removable cover, keeping allergy-prone users happy;
  • It is durable and built to last;
  • Couples can benefit from its excellent motion-isolating properties;
  • Provides pressure point relief;
  • 15-year long warranty keeps you satisfied;
  • Comes with a 125-night sleep trial.


  • It might feel extra firm at first and may require a break-in period;
  • Side sleepers and lightweight users might find it a little extra firm.
  1. Spinal Care Classic Mattress by Regal Sleep – Best for Back Pain Sufferers

Notable Features:

  • Offers great weight distribution and spinal alignment with its zoned support system;
  • Comes with a 365-days sleep trial and keeps skeptical shoppers at peace;
  • Can be flipped over and still offers comfortable sleep.


Regal Sleep’s Spinal Care Classic is the next item on our list of the best under-1000$ mattresses in Australia.  Its unique design provides high comfort levels and spinal alignment, making it an incredible option for sleepers with back pain.

But how does it relieve pain?

Well, this classic mattress has a 9-zone spring system that targets distinctive body parts and offers support where required, and gives cushioning to the rest of the body. This way, it keeps the spine neutral, reduces pressure build-up, and relieves back pain.

And this pain-relief feature is tried and tested.

One of our team members accidentally strained their back during yoga practice and to everybody’s surprise, they woke up pain-free after only a one-night test of this mattress.

Another great feature is the mattress’s flappable design; you can choose to sleep on either the plush or the firm side of the mattress as per your liking. The firm side is excellent for back sleeping, while the plush side offers great comfort to side sleepers.

Its dual-design, great quality, and back pain-relief make it an excellent choice for shoppers who aren’t ready to break their banks!


  • Comes with an unusually long in-home trail to satisfy dubious shoppers;
  • Has zoned spring system for pinpoint support and offers a neutral-back sleep;
  • Foam comfort layers make for effective pressure relief and motion absorption;
  • Has a large sleeping area along with decent edge support;
  • Financing options make buying the mattress easier;
  • Its flappable design offers versatility in use;
  • Most importantly, it doesn’t sleep hot;


  • Its Queen model costs exactly 999$, which is not the cheapest on our list;
  • A 10-year warranty might seem unfair given this mattress’s price.
  1. Emma Original Mattress

Notable Features:

  • Special Airgocell foam layer that’s breathable and sleeps cool;
  • Has 7 support zones to aid proper alignment;
  • Offers hassle-free cleaning with its removable and washable cover.


The Emma Mattress is another great memory foam mattress under $1000. Sleepers who need a supportive mattress and don’t want to sacrifice gentle cushioning love this product.

Let’s dive inside its extra-ordinary construction. The Emma has a combination of 7 support zones and point-elastic foam comfort layers that provide a perfectly balanced feel.

We tried the Emma and slept on it after spending an entire day sitting in front of a computer. Remember that such long sitting sessions can make your back and hips feel stiffed. But we felt an immediate relief as soon as we lay down on it.

Another great feature of the Emma mattress is that it doesn’t sleep hot. If you are a side sleeper, you must have felt a deep hugging feeling and warmth after sleeping in that position for long.

Most mattresses make you feel hot in such situations but not the Emma! Its breathable foam layer helps with temperature regulation and helps you keep cool.

Overall, the Emma mattress provides excellent support, relieves pressure, and helps with thermoregulation. That is why it is an excellent choice for memory foam lovers.


  • Great for couples as it absorbs shock from motion;
  • 7 support zones aid optimal spinal alignment;
  • Doesn’t cause overheating during sleep;
  • Relieves pressure fast and is great for cradling;
  • Also has a removable cover that is easy to wash;
  • Budget shoppers can benefit from financing options.


  • Stomach sleepers and heavy users may find it too soft;
  • Edge support isn’t that firm, which means less sleeping space for couples;
  • Its all-foam construction might not be provide enough support to overweight users.
  1. Hugo Mattress – Couples’ Choice

Notable Features:

  • It has a top latex layer that counters the quicksand feeling;
  • Its memory foam comfort layers provide targeted pressure alleviation;
  • Keeps motion transfer in check with its high-density support base and ensures reliable performance.


Besides strength, durability, and performance, you need to think about whether you’d be sleeping alone or with a partner when it comes to buying a mattress. If you are to sleep with a partner and they are a restless sleeper, look no further than the Hugo mattress.

This mattress absorbs shock from motion and does not let it travel at all, helping you get out of bed without disturbing your partner. So, if you have a different schedule than your partner, Hugo will make sure you don’t disturb them.

Moreover, Hugo’s additional latex layer makes it extra responsive and allows for uninterrupted movement in bed. Besides the responsiveness, latex also improves thermoregulation and helps you sleep cool.

We tested this feature and slept on the Hugo without air conditioning. And surprisingly, we had a sweat-free sleep all night!

Altogether, the Hugo mattress is a savior for couples who keep waking each other during the night.


  • It is extremely sturdy and durable;
  • Natural latex layer prevents overheating and adds resilience;
  • Adaptive comfort layers provide tension relief;
  • Enhances partnered sleep experience;
  • Has a medium feel that satisfies a wide range of sleepers.


  • Cleaning it could be a daunting task as it doesn’t have a removable cover;
  • Heavy users might not find it supportive enough.
  1. Ecosa – Best for Adjustability

Notable Features:

  • 3-in-1 firmness lets you customize the mattress as per your choice;
  • Comes with two covers: a Tencel removable cover and an inner waterproof cover;
  • Effectively absorbs motion shocks;
  • Suits almost all sleeping styles;
  • Its breathable design prevents overheating at night.


The Ecosa mattress comes with an adjustable firmness option and lets you choose from three different configurations by swapping the layers. This customization, along with its waterproof inner cover, has earned the Ecosa mattress a place among the best mattresses in Australia under $1000.

If you look at its construction, the mattress has three layers: a proprietary G-7 memory foam, a natural latex layer, and an ergonomic base foam layer. And all of these layers can be swapped as per your choice.

The latex layer on top will give you a medium-firm feel. If you choose the G-7 memory foam as a top layer, the mattress will give a medium feel. The same mattress will give you a firm feel if you bring the base layer to the top.

However, for the firmest option, the ergonomic base layer needs to be at the top and latex has to be in between. All three layers have different colors, making it easy to identify them.

Further, Ecosa has great adaptability to your body and motion isolation, providing complete pressure relief. Moreover, its waterproof inner cover protects the mattress from spills, stains, and mold, which prolongs the lifespan of your bed.

To sum it up, Ecosa is an amazingly user-friendly mattress that gives you the freedom to customize the firmness options and hence satisfies a wide range of sleepers.


  • Let’s you freely customize the mattress to your firmness preferences;
  • Suits sleepers of all weights;
  • Excellent choice for active sleepers and couples;
  • Sleeps cool and prevents overheating;
  • Two covers make for easy maintenance and cleaning.


  • May not satisfy you if you are looking for a plushy mattress;
  • It lacks edge support.

What Features Can You Expect from a Mattress Under $1000?

For starters, know that most decent mid-range mattresses are priced around $1000 given that you are looking for a Queen-sized mattress.

Most of them fall between 500$ to 1000$, and you get to choose from a wide variety of models. Before you head to the market, it’s good to know what to expect in this price range.


Mattresses have four main types depending on their construction: innerspring, foam, hybrid, and latex. Luckily, you can get your hands on any of them for under $1000.

  • Innerspring mattresses are usually the cheapest on the market because they require fewer resources and energy to build.

Typically, an innerspring mattress features a core coil layer with a thick cushion above it. Sometimes, the cover can also feature a pillow top for added comfort and breathability purposes.

Spring mattresses work great for combo sleepers as they offer responsive support and do not restrict movement. Moreover, their breathable construction helps them prevent overheating while sleeping. However, they are not ideal for side sleepers as they don’t help with pressure alleviation.

  • Foam mattresses are the most famous among all categories and can be bought from around $200 to $250. Typically, 3-5 layers of different foams constitute a memory foam mattress. These layers help distribute weight and aid spinal alignment.

Foam is mostly favored for its typical hugging feel. These mattresses easily adapt to the shape of your body and can help proper tension redistribution.

Also, foam mattresses aren’t bouncy and hence work perfectly for couples or combo sleepers. However, this lack of bounce restricts movement, and you might find it difficult to get up from a foam mattress.

Moreover, foam mattresses get heated easily and need gel infusion or open cell structure to keep cool, which can increase their price.

  • Hybrids mattresses combine two or more support systems, which are typically coils and different types of foam. Their price varies from $300 to $1500 depending on the type of material placed inside the mattress. This means you can find a decent hybrid mattress under $1000.

Further, hybrid mattresses have a balanced feel that makes them a favorite among users.

Hybrid mattresses also have firm edge support and hence provide more sleeping space. However, these mattresses are heavier than others and would require extra effort if you decide to move.

  • Latex mattresses are quite different from the rest. You won’t find an all-latex Queen-sized mattress under $1,000 price tag except for sales and promotion.

Most brands reluctantly add natural latex layers because some customers demand so. The best thing about latex is that it’s incredibly resilient and responds quickly to pressure. It’s also malleable and adaptive, making it a preferred choice for sleepers seeking effective tension alleviation.


Mattress worth between 500$ to 1000$ offer some additional feature.

  • Some mattresses have carrying handles on the sides for easy moving and rotations;
  • Mattresses with removable covers are easy to maintain and live for longer;
  • Pillow top layers provide additional comfort;
  • Zoned support and transition layers offer better contouring.


The materials used in a mattress determine its price to a large extent. Lower prices mean that the manufacturer has used substandard foam or coils.

But when you spend $1000, you mostly get decent materials that make up for a durable and well-performing mattress. If you go for a mattress under 500$, you’ll get low-quality foams or polyester fabrics blended with foams.

As for the covers, you may find the following materials:

  • Tencel Lyocell;
  • Bamboo rayon;
  • Cotton and synthetic fiber blend;
  • Polyester.


The standard mattress height is between 8 and 12 inches, and you can easily find a mattress in this thickness range for under $1000.

Personal preferences aside, you might want to consider your weight before deciding on the mattress thickness.

  • A 9-10 inches thick mattress is fine if you weigh 225 lbs. or less;
  • If you weight between 225 and 275 lbs., choose a 10- or 11-inch-thick bed;
  • A 12 inches thick bed is perfect for individuals over 275 lbs.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Mattress

Even though we have presented our recommendations for the best mattresses under $1000, you may still be confused. Here are some general points to keep in mind before buying a mattress, which will help you make an informed choice.

  • Consider your health first. Sleep has a major impact on our overall health, so make sure you prioritize your health when looking for a mattress. Our bodies relax and recover from stress when we sleep, so our bed must offer a peaceful healing environment.


Some mattresses come with adjustable firmness and zoned layers that specifically work well for people with back pain or those with a physically demanding lifestyle.


It’s a good idea to consult your doctor before investing in a mattress if you have specific health issues.


  • Check the brand’s history. Low mattress prices might attract you but make sure you stay away from them because good things do not come cheap. Low prices generally mean low-tier brands trying to sell rip-offs. So remember to check the brand’s history and read the company profile.


Additionally, big companies have support staff that is available to answer any questions or concerns you might have, so don’t hesitate to ask questions.


  • Read reviews. Online world has made buying decisions easier because you can read customer reviews and testimonials online. Even if the company tries to mislead customers by hiding negative reviews, there are several forums where customers voice their concerns and raise awareness.


So browse these forums and read online reviews before buying a mattress.


  • Choose the right firmness level. A decent mattress offers a balanced combination of support and cradling. When buying a mattress, do not go for only comfortable, luxurious, and plushy items. Get educated about mattress firmness levels and choose a mattress that is soft enough to feel comfy and firm enough to offer proper support.


If you are unsure about your preferred firmness levels, think about your sleeping position.


If you are a side sleeper, a softer mattress would suit you. A medium to medium-firm model would be beneficial for sleeping on your back. And if you sleep on your stomach, it’s better to choose a firm mattress.


Your weight also determines the firmness level that suits you. Lighter individuals should pick slightly softer models, while heavier users should opt for firmer options.


In any case, do not go for an overly firm or soft mattress; it can turn into a nightmare!


  • Check for cooling components if you are a hot sleeper. Cooling materials might cost more but it’s still possible to find a great mattress under $1000.


For example, innerspring models usually sleep cool and don’t cost that much. Hybrid mattresses also help reduce night sweats if their comfort layers aren’t very soft.


Similarly, memory foam mattresses also sleep cool when they are infused with gel particles or have an airy open-cell structure.


Latex also sleeps cool naturally but it can be quite pricey.


  • Remember your partner. If you are a combo sleeper, it is wise to find a good motion-isolating mattress. Memory foam mattresses perform the best in such scenarios but a hybrid model with coils and comfort layers might also work.


Also, when you are looking for a mattress as a couple, you can’t afford to ignore the edge support because sturdy edges essentially increase the sleep space. And when you are looking for solid edge support, spring and hybrid mattresses could be a great choice.


  • Be careful about the materials. Shopping with a budget might limit your options, but you shouldn’t compromise on quality. If you pay attention and spend enough time, you can easily find a high-quality mattress under $1000.


For example, both denser models of a memory foam and hybrid mattresses with a lower coil gauge are durable and can be bought without straining your budget.


  • Choose the ideal size. The rule is simple — a bigger mattress is going to cost you more. This means you would have to settle for a smaller size with a limited budget.


Full size (54 x 75 inches) is adequate for solo sleepers. In fact, a Twin XL (38 x 80 inches) might also work.


On the other hand, couples need at least a Queen size (60 x 80 inches) mattress to sleep comfortably.

Final Thoughts

The mattress market has developed enormously and now offers a diverse range of models for all budgets. Medium-priced mattresses do provide value but you need to be mindful of material, quality construction, and comfort.

Plus, you need to understand your health concerns, sleeping positions, and weight and see what mattress type can adjust the best to your body needs.

Finally, don’t forget to read product reviews and research the brand’s history before purchasing a mattress.

If you don’t want to waste hours researching, here’s what our research and testing have discovered:

The Onebed Original Mattress is the best available option under $1000. It is durable, customizable, comfortable, and its combination of latex and foam helps users sleep cool.

We would also love to hear your concerns when it comes to buying a mattress. And does the price of a mattress impact your decision when purchasing one? Comment below and let us know!

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