Best Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattresses

Best Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattresses

Best Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattresses

Not only will your bed frame dictate the style aesthetics of your bedroom, but it can greatly affect the comfort and effectiveness of a memory foam mattress. If you’re investing in a comfortable memory mattress, you’ll want to make sure your bed frame isn’t too restrictive or prevents proper sinkage, edge movement and more. 

To add, if your bed frame is too low or too high, you’ll be counteracting the good perks of having a memory foam mattress and increasing your risk of a back injury when getting in and out of your bed. 

It’s also important to keep in mind that some memory foam mattresses have requirements that keep them comfortable for longer periods of time. If your bed frame dips in time, your memory foam layers will fall out of alignment – and so will your back. 

Although getting your hands on a stylish bed frame might seem simple, there’s a little more that should go into it if you’re looking into longevity, comfort and the most ideal frame for a memory foam mattress. 

Zinus Lottie Upholstered Square Stitched Platform Bed Frame – High Quality

To kick things off, our top pick bed frame for a memory foam mattress is ultimately the Upholstered Square Stitched frame by Zinus Lottie. Aside from being a great stylish option, the bed frame has a ten wooden slats that the mattress will rest on, keeping it from sagging in places. However, with these slats being wood, you’re going to get just a little flex out of them, which is ideal for a memory foam mattress. 

Secondly, the bed base is strong and looks to remain that way for years to come if user reviews are anything to go by. Included are the headboard and solid frame, which are all shipped together, keeping this bed easy to assemble and not partially complete when it arrives. 

As an affordable bed frame, and available in all standard sizes from twin to king, you’ll be able to rest assured there’s a size for your memory foam mattress. Buyers online gave the Zinus Lottie Upholstered Square Stitched bed frame a 5 out of 5 stars. 

Reverie Adjustable Base – SmartBase

For sleepers who really want to kick their sleep ‘game’ up a notch, the Reverie Adjustable Bed is here to make full use of your memory foam mattress. There’s a tonne of tech in here like massage capabilities and spaces to charge your smart devices – something we’re not going to be proud of using right by our beds, but we all need. 

The Reverie 9T Adjustable Foundation frame helps you take your non-innerspring mattress to its full potential by allowing you to move and warp the bed as you’d like. If you’re more into a specific shape or would like to adjust the frame to alleviate back pain, then you’re able to do so. 

This bed frame makes it easy to stay in bed all day if you’d like, and with easy assembly, a remote control, smart base and support for all memory foam mattress materials, getting a good night’s sleep is definitely on the cards. 

A good thing to note is that the operation of the smart base is almost silent, so there’s no chance of hearing a squeak or strange sounds when adjusting the bed. 

Casper Frame – Affordable

Known for their memory foam mattresses, the Casper Bed Frame is an ideal memory foam bed frame by default. We’re glad to say the frame offers mattress support for more than just Casper Mattresses and is a stylish, minimal frame that will suit just about all bedrooms. 

As a solid wood bed frame, you’re going to be able to rest assured that your memory foam mattresses are safe here, in the long and short terms. With minimal movement, no chance of dipping like a thin steel frame, you’ll be able to throw any memory foam mattress on here without worry. 

The frame on the bed itself is made of steel that’s recycled, so you’re also keeping down your impact on the environment here as well.

Users online have touted that set up is very easy, and the mattress foundation is sturdy enough to prevent movement in most cases. Lack of storage space for the height of the bed was seen as a missed opportunity though. 

Sven & Son Split King Classic – For Dual Mattress Sizes

A unique bed frame on our list is the Split King Class by Sven and Son that is essentially a highly customisable frame with a low profile, and adjustable left and right sides. For this bed frame to hold true to its claims, you’ll need to invest in two twin mattresses, as they’ll need to act independently of one another. 

The dual foldable design means that one side of this bed frame can be adjusted while the other remains static, perfect for sleepers who’d like to adjust their beds based on their own sleeping styles. 

One of the more expensive bed frames on our list, this good quality king bed gives you two adjustable twin size bed foundations in one. There’s also a built-in massage feature for both mattresses, so there’s the option of massages before bed if you’re looking to really loosen up before you nod off. 

This frame is a little heavier than most at 320 pounds (145kgs) though it supports up to 1500 pounds, so all bodyweights are certainly supported here. 

Meridian Furniture Aiden – Elegant and Plush

Upholstered in plush blue velvet, the Aiden by Meridian Furniture is an ideal companion for memory foam mattresses simply given the material unity. An ultra-soft memory foam mattress simply goes with this bed frame, and with the three columns of wooden slats in the bed frame, the wood platform bed is more than sturdy enough for memory foam mattresses. 

Although there’s no storage built into the bed, there’s an oversized deep headboard that can create a space for things like extra pillows, stuffed toys, smart devices and more. Some users have mentioned that setting up the bed can be a little tricky, though once the wooden frame is set up, the slatted bed is ready to make a statement in your bedroom. 

And being a slatted bed, we’re glad to say that the open bottom in the bed ensures air circulation is not a problem for bed sizes up to a king. 

Zoma Foundation Bed Frame – Simple, Minimal 

Another ideal bed frame for memory foam mattresses that are sensitive to restricted movement is the Zoma Foundation frame. This frame is essentially exactly that, a flush frame with no recessed space for the mattress. The foundation is a durable pine with quality wood slats that are sturdy though offer just enough flexion to ensure the memory foam mattress doesn’t become compressed with age. 

Assembly for such a minimal frame should take just a few minutes, and with the option to install legs or not, you have a choice between an aesthetic on-floor bed, or a standing frame up to 14 inches. 

It’s good to note that the Zoma Foundation Frame is affordable, comes with a 5-year warranty and implements a non-slip fabric at the corners of the frame. These ensure that the lack of a recessed compartment doesn’t affect your mattress’s ability to stay on the frame. 

Baxton Studio Hirst Platform Bed – Ergonomic, Plush

Wrapped in a polyurethane and linen material, the Baxton Studio bed frame is a great companion for professional and stylish bedrooms. With a double-height headboard and upholstered cushioning, the frame is perfect for anyone looking for a bed base that’s as soft as their memory foam mattress. 

Forgoing box springs, the Baxton Studio design has implemented a sturdy platform surface that ensures there’s no possible sagging for your mattress. On top of this, there’s a tonne of upholstering going on at the edge of the frame that grips to your mattress and sheets, keeping it from moving around too much. 

The bed frame’s feet are manufactured from a dark rubberwood, which adds a touch of tonal colour to the bed’s grey scheme. 

It’s good to keep in mind that padding on almost every surface makes this bed frame ideal for parents with small children who might be a little too rambunctious. If there’s an accident on the bed, you’ll be less likely to see an injury than you would with a steel or timber frame. 

Choosing a Bed Frame for Memory Foam Mattresses

As we mentioned above, there are a few things to keep in mind when selecting a bed frame for memory foam, and indeed latex mattresses. These mattress types are reliant on their frames to keep them from sagging and losing their shape more-so than innerspring models. 

That said, you should always opt for a bed frame that boasts a large number of timber slats or has a full width and length platform base. These types of bed bases keep your foam mattress held up correctly and don’t allow a loss of shape with use over time. 

Cheaper beds with square metal frames or platforms, for example, can slowly bend out of shape over time, leading to your memory foam layers being stretched or pulled apart over time. Ultimately, this will cause a major loss of shape, comfort and may even cause back problems in the long term. 

Ideal Tips for Choosing a Bed Frame for Memory Foam

Plenty of Slats 

Do your best to look for a frame that has a tonne of quality, hardwood slats or composite material slats that won’t bend over time. You’ll want to avoid thin metal frames that are susceptible to bending, as well as weak or poorly designed timber slats that leave gaps that are too big.

Space for Airflow

As memory foam and latex beds are often denser than innerspring models, you’ll need to choose a frame that has plenty of open space for airflow, or you might be dealing with a heat sink of a mattress that keeps you awake at night. One thing to be wary of is platform bases with a lack of holes or ventilation spaces, as these will also heat up the mattress beyond what’s comfortable. 

Avoid Box Springs

Although these models aren’t terrible for memory foam mattresses, they were designed for coil spring mattresses which makes them an unideal frame for memory foam. The somewhat dynamic and odd movements you can feel in box spring frames may counteract the comfort offered by the memory foam, so it’s a good idea to let the box spring frames fade into the past unless you’re explicitly set on using one.

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