Koala Paddington Bed Base Review (2024)

Koala Paddington Bed Base Review (2024)

Koala Paddington Bed Base Review (2024)

The Koala Paddington Bed Base is a high-quality and aesthetically pleasing bed foundation that boasts easy assembly. With the assurance of a 120-night trial period and a 5-year warranty, it provides both style and peace of mind.

In this review, we will be discussing more on what the Koala Paddington Bed Base is all about and whether it’s something worth your hard-earned money.

Table of Contents

  • Components Of The Koala Paddington Bed Base
  • Dimensions
  • Assembling The Koala Paddington Bed Base
  • The Delivery Process
  • Price Range
  • Final Verdict

Components Of The Koala Paddington Bed Base

The Koala Paddington Bed Base encompasses all your bed base needs in a versatile and eco-friendly frame. 

The bed’s padded sides offer extra protection and are made from eco-friendly materials such as plastic bottles and sustainable timber, ensuring a peaceful sleep while being mindful of the environment. 

Specifically, the bed base is constructed from recycled polyester, with the material breakdown being 67% polyester and 33% REPREVE™ fibre.

This bed base also allows swift assembly without the need for tools—a unique feature exclusive to Koala products. You can sleep soundly knowing that the robust panel slats are firmly affixed to the bed base, ensuring a stable foundation for your mattress. 

These panel slats ensure a stable and even surface suitable for various mattresses that have a maximum weight capacity of 240 kg. 

Moving on, the perfectly angled upholstered headboard also allows you to indulge in laidback luxury. This makes it ideal for breakfasts in bed or late-night reading. 

Nestled behind the headboard is a convenient storage shelf that offers a spot to stow pillows and charge your gadgets to give your room a more spacious impression.

You can also bid adieu to shin injuries with this bed base, as it’s thoughtfully designed with cushy upholstered side rails to prevent nocturnal bumps. 

The bed base boasts excellent overall build quality, promoting good ventilation through the panel slats and plywood structure. It also offers ample storage space with a generous height of over 30 cm underneath.

Safety is not forgotten either. The Paddington undergoes rigorous testing to meet strict standards to ensure no Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) are present. And when it’s cleaning time, there’s ample room underneath for storage and easy vacuuming.

Overall, this bed base has all the features and components necessary to create a comfortable sleeping experience. 


The Koala Paddington Bed Base caters to a range of sleeping arrangements with its availability in five sizes—Single, King Single, Double, Queen, and King. This ensures versatility and suitability for various bedroom setups.

Single92 cm x 188 cm
King Single107 cm x 203 cm
Double138 cm x 188 cm
Queen153 cm x 203 cm
King183 cm x 203 cm

Do note that the bed base will be slightly bigger than your mattress to allow for your mattress to fit snugly in the bed base.

Assembling The Koala Paddington Bed Base

The assembly of the Koala Paddington Bed Base is brilliantly designed for ease, and you do not need complex tools like Allen keys, screwdrivers, or spanners. 

The accompanying instructions are straightforward, making the assembly a quick 5 to 10-minute task, although having two people is recommended. 

Among the bed bases available in Australia, the Paddington Bed Base stands out as one of the easiest to put together, and for a visual demonstration of the simplicity, you can refer to Koala’s instructional video. 

How to assemble your Paddington Bed Base

Once assembled, the bed base exudes a trendy, modern style, seamlessly blending into various bedroom decors with its head-turning appearance.

The Delivery Process

The Koala Paddington Bed Base is conveniently available for online purchase through the Koala website, ensuring a hassle-free shopping experience. 

Customers can choose between two stylish grey tones—silver fox or cliff dive. However, do note that the cliff dive colour is exclusive to queen and king sizes, with a $100 higher price tag than the silver fox option. 

The delivery process is further enhanced by an efficient text message service, providing a range of delivery days and times for customers to choose from. This makes buying a bed a more smooth-sailing process overall.

Koala provides complimentary 4-hour delivery services for customers situated in major metropolitan areas, including Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth, and Adelaide. The bed base arrives at your doorstep in four separate boxes.

For other locations, Koala’s delivery services remain swift and convenient, but remote or rural postcodes may incur additional shipping fees. Should your postcode be unsupported, we recommend considering collection from a serviced postcode address.

Price Range

The Koala Paddington Bed Base falls within a slightly higher price range compared to other products in Koala’s catalogue, attributed to its exceptional quality and design. 

Investing in this bed base ensures superior craftsmanship, durable materials, and a stylish modern aesthetic. 

Here are the prices for the various sizes of the bed base:

  • Single Base: $995
  • King Single Base: $1,095
  • Double Base: $1,195
  • Queen Base: $1,495
  • King Base: $1,695

Bonus Features

Experience the worry-free comfort of Koala’s Paddington Bed Base with an extensive 120-night trial. If it fails to meet your expectations, you are also entitled to a hassle-free return with complimentary pick-up services in metro areas—eliminating the inconvenience of handling returns. 

At the same time, the bed base also comes with a commendable 5-year warranty, so should there be any damage sustained, you can easily and conveniently get it replaced through Koala’s in-house support.


In conclusion, the Koala Paddington Bed Base stands out as a versatile and eco-friendly choice, readily equipped to meet all your bed base needs. Crafted with care from recycled materials, you’re also getting peace of mind knowing your product isn’t promoting any harmful emissions.

The unique feature of swift assembly without tools adds to its appeal, ensuring a hassle-free setup. 

With a thoughtfully designed upholstered headboard, convenient storage shelf, and safety features like cushy side rails, this bed base seamlessly combines comfort and functionality. 

The bed base’s overall build quality, excellent ventilation, and generous storage space underneath further enhance its value. 

If you’re at the crossroads on whether you want to buy this or not, we’d say go for it! The Koala Paddington Bed Base allows you to embrace both luxury and sustainability in your bedroom, all while maintaining a phenomenal sense of style.

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