Australia’s Best Mattress of 2020

1. Top Rated Mattress by Choice in 2020 – Koala [$150 off]
2. Best Low Price Mattress: Emma Mattress
3. Best Pocket Spring Mattress: Sleep Republic Mattress
4. Best 100% latex MattressFern Mattress

Over the past decade, the mattress market has exploded. Game changing features like gel memory foam, latex mattresses and box mattresses are dominating the industry, with the sheer number of options making it harder and harder to decide on the best mattress for you.

We will say it from the start – obvious options like the famous Kloudcell and Ecofoam Koala, a mattress which has had overwhelmingly positive reviews, are as good as they seem – you can’t really go wrong there. The Koala is just one example, with other mattresses like the gel foam Ecosa and the hybrid latex Noa being fantastic options that will potentially do wonders regarding muscle and joint pain. 

With this being said, you might be struggling to decide. To make your choice a whole lot easier, we’ve compiled a comprehensive review of Australia’s best mattresses of 2020. We dove right into all of the marketing, consumer mattress reviews, and performed our own testing. What has resulted is an in-depth comparison of the most highly regarded mattresses on the market in the form of a comprehensive guide that will help you narrow down your search for the perfect mattress. Whether you are looking for firm, contouring comfort, softness you can sink into, flexibility and range, or anything in between, this review will ensure you find what you are looking for.Below, we’ll take a look below into the best memory foam mattresses, pocket spring and spring mattresses, as well as in-a-box mattress ranges, to give you plenty of insight. After you’ve finished reading our reviews below, you’ll definitely have everything you need to get a good night’s sleep.

What we’ll look at?

To give you the most well-rounded and helpful look at Australia’s highest quality mattresses and the best mattress brands, we’ll break down our reviews by mattress type and cost, rather than a specific brand such as Sealy or Tempur. In doing this, you’ll be able to see which mattresses are best for your sleeping type and your comfort preferences. 

Not sure which mattress type is best for you? A good start in deciding is to consider your sleeping position. We recommend memory foam and latex variants – these are fantastic and versatile in accommodating all sleeping positions (back, stomach or side), and are notably comfortable for side sleepers. Memory foam and latex mattresses are also particularly loved by new mattress owners due to their contouring support and innovative breathability. If you sleep on your back or stomach, innerspring and hybrid models are generally great choices too.

The Range We Reviewed

Best Value Mattress

Best Memory Foam and Latex Variants

Best Pocket Spring Variants

Best Side, Front and Back Sleeper Variants

With each of the mattress ranges above, we also considered cost, partner disturbance, manufacturing location, delivery times along with material quality and sustainability. We wanted to ensure that no information was left out, and that we could narrow the selection down in order to determine the best mattress of 2020.

How We Rate and Compare

At Sleepify, we do our best to offer the most unbiased and open reviews and suggestions possible. We don’t judge or recommend based on endorsements of brand partnerships – we focus on our own testing and customer reviews. With this in mind, you can trust all of our reviews and mattress insights to be as truthful as possible and be able to rest assured that the mattresses we suggest are described accurately and fairly.

Best Foam Combination Mattress & Top Rated – Koala

Ask anyone what types of mattresses are their favourite and they’ll probably let you know that their dream mattress is a memory foam variant, or some kind of mattress that gives them a cloud-like floating sensation. Foam and combination foam mattresses offer stellar spinal support and have no rival when it comes to movement isolation, pillowtops and comfort layers. 

Our top choice for the best foam mattress in Australia is undoubtedly the Koala Mattress. It’s the most rated mattress in the country, and also the highest rated. Koala is the king of pressure relief for back pain, optimal airflow and much more, and it’s only a new mattress brand, being a little over 3 years old!

The Koala Mattress comes in a range of sizes, and falls on a 6.1 on the firmness scale, with a ten being the most firm and one being the softest. What this means is that the Koala’s innovative Kloudcell poly foam is able to support side sleeper’s hips and shoulders, but also back and stomach sleeper’s spinal curves too. With the upper softness and inner firmness, you’ll be hard pressed to argue that the Koala’s support doesn’t make it the perfect mattress. 

Delivered in a box, the Koala comes with patented Kloudcell foam technology that enables the feeling of memory foam and latex, whilst also enabling fantastic airflow. You’ll also notice that the outer mattress protector cover is hypoallergenic, making the mattress ‘immune’ to mildew, mould, mites and bacteria, keeping it cleaner for longer. 

One issue reviewers did have with the Koala was the marginally problematic edge sinkage that made it difficult for customers to sit and sleep right on the edge of the Koala Mattress.

Koala Pricing: 

Single – $750 ($600 with discount here)

King Single – $850 ($700 with discount here)

Double – $950 ($800 with the discount here)

Queen – $1,050 ($900 with the discount here)

King – $1,250 ($1,100 with the discount here)

Koala Perks

4-hour Metro Delivery

Free Shipping 

120-night Trial 

10-year Warranty

Best Latex Mattress in Australia

Noa Mattress ($799 normally $1,099)
(Recommended Latex Mattress)

Noa is a hybrid mattress, that combines the bouncy latex, the moulding memory foam, and pocketed coils. At first, there is a slight sinking, but the latex bounces back with comfort. Noa uses OEKO TEK certified latex. This is an excellent choice for sleepers who like the medium to firmer-feel but do not enjoy traditional beds. Side sleepers and bed sleepers will enjoy the comfort and support of this latex mattress. The spring coils provide more prominent edge support compared to the other models, which mean it is convenient to get in or out of bed. Good edge support often means a more significant partner disturbance. This was resolved by the use of a layer of memory foam under the latex. The mattress has a Tencel cover and an incredibly affordable price tag. Noa company gives a 15-year warranty and a trial period of 100 nights. Customers praise the excellent service and together with the price tag mention it as one of the most common perks.

Fern Mattress (Everyday Low Price of $1,249)

(Recommended 100% Latex Mattress) The far majority of customers looking for a latex mattress are looking for a 100% natural latex mattress, and this is why it would make a lot of sense to select a recommended latex mattress as one which is 100% latex.
Fern mattresses, beds and pillows are completely natural, organic, sustainable and free of toxins. The Fern mattress uses 3 premium layers of 100% natural latex made with superb quality control to ensure a consistent, fine, breathable and very comfortable mattress. The natural latex has both Oeko-Tex Class 1 and eco-INSTITUT certifications. The mattress has three firmness options, flipping a Fern mattress over will swap it from medium to firm, and adding a mattress topper provides a luxury plush comfort feel. The fabric and wadding are made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, and a natural latex adhesive is used between the latex layers instead of the common and potentially hazardous chemical glues. There are no harmful materials. Everything is organic, natural and sustainable. Natural latex mattresses are extremely durable and long-lasting. Fern offers the opportunity to try one out risk-free with a 25-year warranty and a 100-night trial. If you want a refreshing sleep that is healthy for you and for the earth, buy a Fern mattress.

Best Memory Foam Mattress

Ergoflex Mattress

Not for the Australian mattress shopper on a budget, the Ergoflex comes in at almost $1,000 for the smallest size mattress, the single, however, for good reason. The proprietary memory foam blend within the Ergoflex is arguably the best of the best, and with ridged open-cell inner memory foam, airflow and comfort are top notch in all sleeping positions. 

All sleepers in any position who lie down on the Ergoflex will immediately notice how deep they sink into the matters before they reach the supportive ‘high-resilience foam base’ at the bottom of the mattress. Pairing the ultra-soft upper layer and the firm lower layer gives the mattress an overall medium-firm rating. 

Sinking into the built-in mattress topper so deeply allows the body to let go of all pressure on joints, essentially the mattress is supporting on the hips, shoulders and head, whilst the arms and legs are left to float above on the comfort layer. 

A good majority of reviewers have noted that the mattress’s memory foam doesn’t instantly flatten underneath them immediately, though after a minute or two, they find themselves completely sunken into the ‘cloud-like’ mattress. 

The mattress also features natural resistance to dust mites, allergens and other impurities through its fifth-generation memory foam and TENCEL outer cover. 

Ergoflex Pricing

Single – $899

Long Single – $949

King Single – $999

Double – $1249

Queen – $1449

King – $1699

Ergoflex Perks 

Hospital-grade Materials

Proprietary Memory Foam

30-night Trial

Next-day Delivery

Free Shipping

Ecosa Mattress

Until recently, Ecosa has featured natural latex in their mattresses, though have now transitioned to an innovative, proprietary blend of materials the company is calling ECO-tex. For review purposes, Ecosa’s ECO-tex acts almost identically to latex, though it’s more springy and breathable – essentially making it a latex enhancement. 

The Ecosa stands out from the crowd by not only being at optimal firmness but also adjustable if you’d like to change the firmness level. The mattress’s two upper comfort layers can be rearranged to suit your own preferences, checking off all of the comfort boxes for us. 

Within the Ecosa you’ll also find both high-density and pressure support foam that provides that sinking feeling with great back support. You’ll notice that the breathable ECO-tex paired with the support foam makes the Ecosa incredibly comfortable all year round and a pain-reliever. 

Another feature of the Ecosa that makes the mattress worthy of our best latex variant is the micro-filament cover that blocks almost all dust mites, bacteria and allergens from making their way into the foam layers of the mattress. You’ll no longer need to worry about an old Ecosa mattress sparking your sniffles or asthma. 

A second benefit that’s a rarity among mattresses is waterproofing! Any spills or accidents won’t be an issue for the mattress at all, simply wipe or flick the water off the mattress and you’ll be in the all clear. 

Ecosa Pricing

Single – $799

Long Single – $849

King Single – $899 

Double – $999

Queen – $1099

King – $1199

Super King – $1499

Ecosa Perks

Same-day Metro Delivery

100-night Trial Period

15-year Warranty 

Waterproof Design

Adjustable Layers

Best Pocket Spring Mattress

The Sleep Republic Mattress

At the top spot for pocket spring mattresses in Australia lands the Sleep Republic Mattress, with a hybrid design featuring pocket springs, latex and memory foam. For combination sleepers, there’s nothing better than a dynamic mattress with all of the best materials, and at Sleepify we stand by the Sleep Republic Mattress being the best pocket spring variety for you. 

With the mattress being combination, you’ll first notice that the upper levels of the mattress are more supportive and firm than other memory foam and latex variants. There’s a good level of bounce and support, and also an inkling of sinkage to get the weight off of your joints as you sleep. Being designed in six layers, beginning with soft cashmere fabric and ending with 3D spacer fabric, the mattress works well as an all-rounder. 

The most promising section of the mattress for combination sleepers is the inner gel, latex and pocket spring core. For back sleepers, you’ll be well supported by the springs, whilst having the soft foam and gel holding your joints. For side sleepers, the gel and foam are going to allow your hips and shoulders to sink down to reach the supportive springs, whilst leaving the rest of the body to rest on the upper gel and latex. 

Almost all reviews praise the mattresses medium-firm level of firmness and its ability to cushion with the upper, ultra-soft gel and memory foam. Edge support is also top notch thanks to the pocket springs, so edge sleepers won’t have an issue here. 

The Sleep Republic Mattress Pricing

Single – $599

Long Single – $699

King Single – $699

Double – $999

Queen – $999

King – $1199

The Sleep Republic Mattress Perks

Free Delivery 

100-night Trial

Hybrid Design


Sleep Style Variants 

When it comes to sleeping styles, far too many Aussies fail to check whether their mattresses are designed to optimally support their sleeping style. If you’re purchasing a new mattress, it’s always best to ensure its design, materials and components are ideal for the way you sleep. For those who are unsure about their sleeping style, we have some information for you below. 

Back Sleepers 

Touted as the safest way to sleep, back sleepers should aim for a mattress that is supportive and rather firm, though with soft upper layers. As a back sleeper, you don’t want to sink too far into the mattress as you’ll be reducing your spine’s curve. 

A good majority of back sleepers prefer a firm mattress simply because the back doesn’t require anywhere near as much cushioning and ‘sinkage’ as side sleeping. For back sleepers, we suggest either firm innerspring mattresses or firm memory foam combination mattresses as you’ll be most comfortable and supported on a bed with these. 

Side Sleepers 

Although side sleeping is vastly common, with a large majority of sleepers stating that they prefer to sleep on their sides, only a small few people understand the risks and mattress requirements of side sleeping. 

If you sleep on your side, all of your weight is forced on to your hips and shoulders, adding pressure to these joints. With that said, it’s important for a side sleeper’s mattress to be exceedingly soft at the upper levels, and firm in the centre – essentially being a medium or soft-medium mattress. 

The top pick for materials for side sleepers is a mattress that’s made from combination foam or memory foam with a medium-firm level of firmness. 

Front Sleepers

We have some rather troubling news for front or stomach sleepers, and that’s the fact that sleeping on your stomach will eventually leave you with little to no curve in your spine. A soft mattress will allow your torso to sink forward, pushing the curve of your spine backward, and in years of sleeping this way, you’ll have a myriad of back issues to deal with and a reduced spinal curve. 

However, if you don’t see yourself giving up stomach sleeping, you should at least make your mattress choice a safe one. What we suggest is a firm mattress with a soft memory foam upper level, such as Sealy Posturepedic. You want to be comfortable, of course, but you don’t want your body sinking into the mattress whatsoever. 

The Ideal Mattress for Back Sleepers

Ergoflex Mattress  

Coincidentally, our top pick for memory foam is also our ideal choice for back sleepers thanks to the Ergoflex being rather firm for a memory foam mattress. If you’re a back sleeper or have any joint problems, we’re confident in saying that the support provided by the Ergoflex will take all stress and pressure off your joints as you sleep, whilst providing enough plush upper foam to keep you comfortable. 

With hospital-grade materials and a body-conforming upper layer, the Ergoflex will also keep you from resting down on the firmer foam, but rather you’ll find yourself being slightly contoured and held up by the visco-elastic memory foam.  

A breathable inner foam will also keep airflow heading through the mattress without issue, keeping you from dealing with any heat issues during the summer. The mattress helps to regulate body temperature and also pulls heat from the body out through the sides of the mattress. 

The Ideal Mattress for Side Sleepers

The Sommuto Mattress

As we mentioned above, our side sleeper readers will need a mattress that’s going to support the hips and shoulders whilst also raising the arms and legs from the support layer in the mattress. With that said, the Sommuto Mattress is here to save the day. 

The mattress has an incredibly thick upper foam layer that gives the hips and shoulders plenty of ‘sinkage’ space, and the lower high-density core support foam helps to support the back. You’ll also notice that thanks to the durable materials that there’s no chance of shoulder indents forming over time. 

A vast majority of front sleeper reviewers have touted that the mattress’s firm pocket springs provide the best solution to their support needs and the customisable soft comfort layer is most ideal to keep their arms, legs and joints free from any added pressure.  

Common Questions:

Which brand of mattress is best?

We found the koala mattress to be the best of 2020 they won Canstar’s 2019
Award for customer satisfaction. They also have 5 stars for comfort, durability, quality of sleep. If you are looking for $150 off the Koala Mattress click here.

What are the top 4 rated mattresses?

  1. Koala Mattress
  2. Emma Mattress
  3. The Sleep Republic
  4. Fern

What’s the number one rated mattress?

Koala was awarded number one by Canstar’s award for customer satisfaction.

What is the best Mattress in a box?

The Koala mattress was awarded best mattress by Canstar for for comfort, durability, quality of sleep.

The Takeaway

Although we’ve taken an in-depth look into some of the most highly rated, and arguably the best mattresses with regards to quality and online reviews, you have to keep in mind that there’s not one single mattress brand, design or material that will suit every sleeper. 

It’s important to do your research, understand your sleeping style, climate as well as any other preferences you have when investing in a mattress. The more effort and time you put into understanding your sleeping style, the better your chances are at finding that ultimate mattress that’s not too firm and not too soft.